Monday, October 22, 2007

Number Mountain

This weekend was a fun one! Originally a bunch of my friends and I were going to Boise to stay overnight, shop and I am sure laugh harder than ever. However, some sort of flu went through our area like crazy! It hit little kids so hard. So much puking and junk! We were lucky to have missed that one! Almost everyone that was going to go ended up having the flu either hit their kids or they got it. We decided maybe we would just take a day trip to twin with the 4 of us that could still go, and reschedule when we can get everyone else there!

So, at 11am me, Jeni, Carri & Amanda began our day full of shopping and silliness! We had so much fun! We didn't get home until about midnight!

On Saturday morning Ryan and I decided that we didn't want to just sit around for the weekend. So, we packed up the kids and a few things and headed to Rexburg. Tyrel and Kayla are both going to BYU-I and they are in the choir there, which is so amazing! Clint and his kids and my Mom and Dad and the kids were already there (sorry Lisa! I so wish you would have been there!). We all stayed in the same hotel and had a great time! We wish we could have watched Tyrel play football, but the choir thing was at the same time, and of course he chose to sing in it! It was amazing! I don't want to miss another performance! Plus it was a little extra to see Tyrel perform. I really had a moment watching him! It is so great to see how great his life is going for him right now--TONS of really exciting stuff! Hmmm, I wish I had a certain picture to show you! :) Ty would kill me, but maybe soon, huh Ty?!

We also went to church with Kayla and got to listen to her talk in her Sacrament Meeting. She is amazing! Just simply amazing! We are so blown away by the woman she is! She is really such a great example to all of us!

Now, for the picture above. If you have never driven through Arco, Idaho you are missing the Number Mountain, that is until now. Each year someone goes up and paints the number of the year on the mountain side. We have found down to 20. CRAZY! Really I posted this, because it is the only picture I have of the trip. Bummer! We also had a pretty drive home over Trail Creek Road. It comes out on Sun Valley road, but takes about and hour and a half longer than the normal way home. Ryan is always the adventurer and wants to explore.
At one point, when we were going over the summit, there was a sign that said, "Not maintained for Passenger Vehicles" Hmmm, but of course we pressed on. YIKES!! Jake and I were not to hip on the single lane road and that dropped off several hundred feet straight down. It was COMPLETELY frightening! With a muddy road! Well, now we can say that we have done that, and we don't EVER need to do that again! :)

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