Friday, August 24, 2007

These are some of the tents our firefighters are in. Isn't this nuts?! Ryan said that there are hundreds up there! I guess when your fire is deemed the national #1 priority, this is what you get. We have hundreds of Fire trucks alone. That is not to mention all the people that are in them. We also just had the National Guard sent out. Crazy!

So this is the fire helicopter that flies, very noisily mind you, just over my house several times a day. It is so huge and very intense looking. It drops down to the reservoirs or "personal lakes" and sucks the water up through the hose. The back park is a huge tank. Then it flies over the fire and drops the water. It is pretty impressive!

That is a pretty cool pic! I thought so anyway!

This is a house that is kind of close to the fire. There are many houses that have the fire RIGHT in their backyard. Some of the houses are covered in fire retardant. Houses like this are completely doused in water all day long. There are many areas that have been evacuted. Some mandatory, others voluntarily, for now anyway. This weekends forcast calls for plenty of wind. Everyone is kind of holding their breath about that. Last weekend was quite windy and this fire went from 300 acres to 14,000 pretty darn quick. Right now we are at 20,000 and hoping to get it under control before too long. As of right now it is only 9% contained.

Anyway, that is what is going on right now. I will get a bunch of pictures and updates posted on Sunday. Thanks for your patients! Love you all!


Kate said...

How scary Amy! Those are amazing pictures.

Kels said...

Oh my goodness.... those are intense pictures...
basically all of my firefighter friends have been up there on and off all week long and said its pretty intense... i hope things get under control soon for the safety of everyone...
i hope things are getting better at your household!
love always

The Lindstrom Family said...

Things are getting a little more crazy. They just did an evacuation on half the valley! YIKES! The evacuation line is only about 10 minutes from our house. So we are running through what we need to grab. Kinda nuts!

I wish I could take credit for the pictures. I think they might even impress Courtney :) However, I cannot. They are from our newspaper. They are pretty cool though.

OH AND KELSY!!!! Oh my, my you have been on my mind a lot lately! You need to call me! I need to talk to you! We miss you so much and we love you and hope you are doing well!

Courtney said...

Would it surprise you to know that we have heard NOTHING about these fires on the news? Other than, "there's some fires burning in Idaho also". I had no idea! That is very alarming.

When I saw those pics, I was like, what the heck is Amy doing that close to the fires? :)

The Lindstrom Family said...

I think it is a little odd that there is not much about it in the news. We are now over 40,000 acres and they have evacuated over 2,000 homes, with more on the way with our wind! Plus Sun Valley ski resort is a big deal all over the place and that mountain just went up today! Crazy!