Sunday, July 29, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Hey Everyone! Sorry it has been so long since our last post. I have been trying for the last week to post some really cute pictures, but we are having technical difficulties. I can't get the pictures to upload from our program to the blog. I am working on it though! I will try to get some up very very soon.

For a little update.....Dawson had his adenoids removed on the 12th. He really has had a hard time with it. They also found quite a bit of inflammation and scarring in his throat. They removed some of that with a laser and now they think he is having quite a reflux problem. Dawson's adenoids were creating a 100% block and that means, and here is a pleasant thought for the day, that the 1 liter of mucus that drains in everyone from the nose to the stomach, was unable to drain. 1 LITER!! YIKES!! Now that it is draining it has made things a bit harder for Dawson to manage. No worries though. On Monday night it is back to Boise for a sleep test. They will watch him overnight to see what his oxygen does when he refluxes and they will put a tube from his nose to his stomach to see how many times an hour he refluxes.

When we get the results back from that we will know what to do next. If his reflux is horrible, which we know it is pretty bad, we will have to meet with his ENT, GI Doc, NeuroSurgeon and normal Doctor to decide what will be the best plan for Dawson. Kind of a lot of stuff, but I am sure we will nip it in the bud at some point!

We are moving again! HA! I know, you were actually waiting for that announcement. It will be our bazillionth move! There are somethings that we really need to get Jake away from in our neighborhood, and in his school. I won't go into detail on all of that stuff, but Ryan and I have felt very strongly that we needed to make this move. New school, closer to some friends, etc. It will be all good. And you can't choose your childs friends, but there is a time when you are able to position them to have better choices. That is what we are doing.

PLUS, it is a beautiful home in Hailey. We will have a huge fenced in back yard, which will be great for Mallory, as she prefers to spend all of her time outside, and would love to be in the road for most of it. There is a huge deck in the back yard and nice big trees for a little privacy. You can hear the river from the back yard and we will be right at the base of one of my favorite mountains! It is so beautiful! It also has the feeling of being a way out of town, but we can walk anywhere! That will be so nice! You should come visit, by the way, we love visitors! :)

Other than that we are all doing well. Mallory is setting us up for a wild ride called "Raising Mallory". It is going to be a very interesting next several years. She is full of Sass and the funnest little girl I know, but I am telling you, Ryan and I need to somehow figure out how to teach her that obedience is her idea! Because if it is not, she isn't signing up! She is such a stubborn little turkey! I am wondering if Physical Therapy is even worth it for her anymore. You know, she is a full time walker, and runs and spins and plays like crazy, but she knows that that is what they want to see, so NO WAY! She insists on doing what she wants, crawling, and not giving in to them NO MATTER WHAT! The other day I was in one room with Dawson and his therapist and she was in with another therapist in another room. Suddenly I hear her screaming like crazy. Then I could hear that she was coming to find me. I heard her coming closer to our room through the hall saying, "Dawsy, Mommy" in her saddest tear filled voice. She knew we were there somewhere and she had had enough therapy and wanted us and home! She is funny!

No even with all that I have said here, I must tell you that she really is a good baby. She doesn't cry much (except now while she is getting her "I" teeth) and she is really such an entertainer. She is such a fun baby and loves to dance and play with Jake and wrestle mommy. She also, throughout her busy little day, still goes to find Dawson and kisses him or hands him a toy. Also no matter where she is in the house if Dawson starts coughing or crying or puking (which happens a lot these days) you almost always hear a "Dawsy, Bubba" from somewhere. It is funny to see that she is always mindful of him and pretty sweet to him. When I am carrying them at the same time she almost always reaches over and puts a hand on his back or gives him a binki. I have been thinking a lot lately about the connection of their little spirits. There is a connection with twins. It is comforting to see that it has remained with these two, even through their differences in development and Dawson's time away. It is pretty sweet.

Alright, well, I am going to head back to bed. I have slept for 3 hours for the whole night and I am so tired! We get up a lot in the night with Dawson lately and generally Ry and I tag team, but not tonight he is pretty sick. Dawson woke up a few times, even Jake woke up and Ryan kept getting up. By 5am I had only slept 3 hours and I was pretty much out cold, then I heard a huge sound downstairs and it shook the house. Scared me to death. Ryan wasn't in bed, I thought he was in the bathroom upstairs. I was a bit nervous to go downstairs. I jumped up and ran to the stairs then I heard Ryan downstairs making the scariest sounds. I thought he was throwing up, but it was really crazy sounding. I called down to him and he said, "I'm alright" pretty quick. I thought maybe he wanted some privacy or something. I stood there for a bit then laid back down, but my heart was pounding pretty hard. I had no clue what that sound was, I thought maybe he had fallen or something. A second later he called me to come help him. I ran down and found him laying on the floor. He has the stomach flu. Apparently he came downstairs to get some Mylanta and then he said he threw up a little and the next thing he knew he woke up on the floor choking and couldn't breath at all. He said that he thought he was going to die. Oh my! I was a bit scared out of my mind! He was white as a ghost and covered in puke (sorry to gross any of you out). It really shook him up. He apparently passed out while throwing up and he thinks he hit his head when he fell on the floor. He had me call the ER to see what they thought. They said to just watch him really close and give him fluids, check his pupils, stuff like that.

It is really quite a scary thing to see your husband that way. After he showered he went upstairs to lay down and I just finished mopping and all of that fun stuff. Now, I think I am going to go lay down for a bit before the kids get up. Hopefully we have a much more uneventful day!

I will let you know how everything goes on the sleep testing with Dawson and try to get some pictures up later!


**OK, this is an "after all that" update. I went upstairs to find Ryan extremely sick. He had the chills and a really high fever. He kept rolling around and moaning. He said that he had a terrible headache. I went to the neighbors and got some ibuprofen and our home teacher for a blessing.

When our neighbor and another member of our ward came and gave Ryan the blessing, Ryan just felt very overwhelmed by what had happened. He is really sick. He said that he has never felt this sick before. We also both felt very strongly that we needed to get him to the hospital ASAP. This presented a problem because by then everyone we know was in church. I had no idea what to do with the kids. I called the church foyer and our friend Dan answered the phone. What a good man! He immediately knew that something was wrong and told me he would be right here. He brought the Elders Quorum president and grabbed the kids so we could go. Not before, mind you, Dawson puked ALL OVER the EQ pres. and me and everything else. Then he had a seizure. Hmmmm, don't know what else we could possibly deal with at that moment!

After a minute Dawson seemed to be doing a lot better and was actually laughing really hard about his inability to stop sneezing. So we left.

Here is the prognosis: Ryan has, they believe, Entero Virus. That is a bowel virus. He was also extremely dehydrated and his blood pressure was very low. They gave him some meds to help his stomache settle and knock him out. It worked. He was singing and kind of loopy for a minute. It was funny! Then he was out. They gave him 3 full bags of fluids. We are also waiting for his headache to come back. If it does he can put his chin on his chest. If that makes the back of his neck and head hurt like crazy, we will head back in for a spinal tap to check for Menengitis or West Nile Virus.

For now, we are hoping it is just the Entero stuff. They sent us home because the hospital is full and told Ryan to stay medicated so he will be knocked out for the next 2 days. Also, his blood pressure was still really low when we left so we have to watch out for him passing out again.

All in all our day has not been uneventful! It has been quite the opposite! But for now Ryan is out cold and I have HIM on the baby monitor and Jake and I are settling in for the RV movie. Tomorrow will present a new obstacle as we try to figure out how to get Dawson's sleep test done at the hospital and not leave Ryan unattended. Hmmm, I might have to take him with me and hopefully there will always be somewhere for him to lay down.

As for now, there is still never a dull moment, or medical free moment for that matter, at our house. Maybe someday........

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Sheesh Amy! Never a dull moment at the Lindstrom house. Sending my prayers!