Friday, July 6, 2007

Playing With Mallory!

I just can't resist this little girl! She is the cutest thing EVER! She is the most animated little girl I know! I just love her blue eyes! Isn't she so pretty?! She is really one of the happiest little girls! These are just a few of the shots I took of her when we were playing the other day. You can click on the grid to get a better look at the pictures.

This is one of her favorite things to do. She LOVES to crawl into the office and shut the door behind her. She giggles like crazy when we
knock or try to get in.

Where did Mally Go?

THERE SHE IS!! Oh she is cute!
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Courtney said...

Good job finally updating your blog! Mallory is super cute... I've got to get my lens on that girl!

Kate said...

I agree. She has such a pretty little face!