Friday, July 6, 2007

Sunday Best

Look at our cute little Mal. She is so funny. If I sit her in her chair I am WAY more likely to get her hair curled. She is so cute about going to nursery. I must say that she is a bit of a favorite with the Brother & Sister Seely, her nursery leaders. Every Sunday I tell her we have to get pretty for Bob! Bob thinks she is just about the cutest thing ever. I think we have maybe 3 kids in the nursery and Mallory gets Bob's attention the whole time. He just lays on the floor and plays blocks or whatever she wants.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures of our pretty little girl! And look at Jake! MY MY!! He is getting so darn handsome! He is really such a good boy! He lays out his clothes each night so that he can get himself all ready for church the next day. He is so sweet!

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