Friday, August 24, 2007

Ketchum On Fire

These are just some pretty crazy pictures of our beautiful area, on fire. It is so sad for all of us, and kind of a bit scary. Last Saturday this fire was at 300 acres and quite a ways from Ketchum. Now it is over 20,000 and we are heading into a windy weekend with a fire that is only 9% contained and it is right on top of many houses! Everyone is really holding their breath!
There have been so many people that have been evacuated from their homes. There are tons of areas that are closed to everyone, but fire fighters. The smoke in our valley is so thick it has set off our smoke detectors. Each morning we wake up to the thickest smoke outside, you can hardly see through it. Everyone has a headache and feels kind of yucky. Plus, even with the windows closed my house smells like a campfire in the morning. I can't wait until that is over!
So, I haven't posted for a while and I promise to update Sunday. We have had plenty of stuff with Dawson, Ryan went into Kidney failure, and we moved all in this last month. It has been a bit crazy, but I will fill you all in.
But for now, back to more of our fire......

It is really quite sad to see the smoke, but look how pretty our area is! I love love love living here! I think it is definately somewhere that we will be for many many years!

When you look at these pictures it won't really suprise you when I tell you that there was a bear wandering down Main street in Ketchum yesterday! I am sure that I would have caused quite a comotion, had I been there, I would have ran for my life, screaming the whole way! YIKES! There was also a Moose on the road in front of our house the other day, which we have heard is normal for our neighborhood in the winter, but this is early. There is also a mountain lion that comes down all winter, that many are expecting to show up anytime. Yeah....that doesn't give me nightmares or anything! Everyone says to keep your kids in the house in the evening, and watch them very close during the day. OH MY!! I would say that I would rather just pack my kids up and head into town for a day of safety, but well....refer to the story above, that isn't going to work! Oh well, I will just spend my days convincing Jake that Mountain Lions prefer NOT to chew through class and they won't chew their way through our door to get us, and I will cautiously watch our backyard every night.

On to more pics.......

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