Monday, March 20, 2006

One Crazy Day

YOU GUYS!! I loved getting all of your messages of encouragement today. Sometimes I just have to put on a brave face and go forward with all I have got, and sometimes it seems like what I have got isn't enough. I can definately tell you that this last week has been a rough one. I have had moments when I just really didn't think I could do this. I have to be reminded that I am not alone and that this is all in the Lord's hands, and so am I if I don't jump out on my own. Which, occasionally, for some dumb reason I do. It doesn't take long for me to jump right back in though. We can't do this without the Lord. WE KNOW THAT!! Wow, isn't it a blessing to have a testimony of His love for us! On Sunday we (me and Dawson) went to the Sacrament Meeting at the hospital. WHAT A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE! Where else would the Lord's spirit be so strong on a Sunday than there with His little spirits that are so valiant and brave, carring out whatever plan He has for them with all of the strength they can muster.

After the Sacrament there was a musical number. Dawson must have loved it, he smiled off and on the whole song. A young (15ish) boy from a ward in Brighton came to sing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". WOW!! His voice was so clear and sweet and amazing, but the spirit was overwhelming. The phrases "He lives to plead for me above" (thank goodness for that), "He lives to bless in time of need", "He lives to silence all my fears, He lives to wipe away my tears, He lives to calm my troubled heart, He lives all blessings to impart", "He lives and loves me to the end" were just a few that brought me the comfort that I needed so much. What a beautiful song!!

After the song a Mission President spoke for a minute about faith. I was so touched when at first he said that when called he considered this an assignment, but as he stood in that room he felt that this was a great blessing and he was so thankful for the opporunity to stand among the Lord's very elect spirits. Those words have been said more than once in blessings given to Dawson. I looked around the room at all the IV poles, wheelchairs, hairless heads, and face maskes and thought about how blessed I was to be apart of this all, and the permanent change that has been made to my testimony. At the end of the talk he bore testimony of the fact that "every word uttered, and desire felt the Lord hears and is mindful of. Every hair that has fallen from any head has been noticed, every tear shed in pain or sorrow has been shared, the Lord loves us and is acutely mindful of everyone of us." What an awesome testimony!!

Well, I just wanted to thank all of you for all of the love you have shared. I know that the Lord answers many of my prayers through you. When I am most discouraged and overwhelmed, without fail one of you call or leave me a message that supports and helps. THANK YOU!! Thank you for listening to the spirit and acting on the prompting, it has meant and means more than you know!

For an update. Dawson is doing great today. They increased his pressure a little bit and will watch him over the next few days. The spasms that he was having in his face are now classified as siezures. He has had a lot and they seemed to get worse for a couple days there. His whole face was involved in the last one I saw, and his body was also. It made him drool a lot and we couldn't get him to respond for 3 1/2 min. With the pressure balancing out they have seemed to stop and he has not had one for over 24 hours now. They also started him on some meds to prevent them. Thanks so much to Lynne, Ryan's mom. She went to the hospital today and held Dawson for about 5-6 hours or so. I appreciate that sooooooo much Lynne! Thanks for all of your help! I love you very much! Abby also went to the hospital to see him and give him some love. Thanks Ab! You have of course been wonderful and Jake, Mal and I look forward to spending the next day or two with you! You all are great thanks so much for all of your help!!

Ryan's biopsy went well. I left him at the hospital in Boise at about 7:30am. They numbed him up and took a bunch of blood then took about 6 samples of his kidney. They put him in a hospital bed and rolled up a towel and made him lay on it to hold pressure on his kidney. He said that it is like having a huge painful bruise and having someone hold pressure on it. It was really uncomfortable for him. Jake, Mal and I bummed around the Mall and went to my doctors appt. We went back to the hospital at about 2:30. It was a little scary for me to see Ryan in a hospital bed flat on his back in a hospital gown. I guess it really scared me to think that Ryan is vulnerable to this sort of thing. We should find out the results on his biopsy in the next few days. We will let you know when we know.

Well, that is about it. We are all doing pretty good. It has been a long day. Ryan is hurting a lot and is in bed. I hope he stays down for the next couple of days. Me, Jake and Mal will head to Utah tomorrow. We are hoping to be back by this weekend. The Dr.s say that Dawson should be ready tomorrow, but I am not in a hurry. When he comes home I want him to stay home, so we are going to be sure before we take him. Oh, by the way, Mal is starting to roll over and has really enjoyed eating big people food. She loves sweet potatoes and rice cereal. She is ok with carrots and really not sure about squash. Green Beans and Peas are next, then we start fruit. She will love that I am sure!

Well, we will keep you posted. Thanks for hanging in there through this long post! :)

Love, Amy

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Elizabeth said...

Amy, THANK YOU for sharing such a wonderful spiritual experience! I loved reading about your Sunday with Dawson. Your testimony is awesome and your example that you constantly show. I love you so much and KNOW that our Heavenly Father would never give us more than we can handle. So keep having patience and faith and He will take care of you. Thru this exp. you are blessing more lives than I think you'll ever know.
love ya