Saturday, March 18, 2006

News from Utah....I think we have used this title too much!

Well, yesterday started out great. By about noon, however, Dawson was, as Ryan said puking like crazy. The problem was that he was aspirtating it and having a really hard time breathing. We would hold him up and talk him through it. Then about 10 min later we would start over. We finally ran to the ER at our hospital. They called PCMC Nuero Surgery to decide what we should do and they said "get them down here". Life flight was called and we would be on our way soon. However, before sending us they insisted on putting in an IV. I told them not to if they don't have to because they never get it in and last time they blew 5-6 veins, caused Dawson a lot of pain and he cried for about 2 hours straight while they tried to hold him down. I guess they didn't think I knew what I was talking about and they tried anyway....10 TIMES! After 3-4 hours of crying and being restrained they finally figured that maybe I do know what I was talking about and sent us on our way without and IV, but with a bruised little baby. When we got to PCMC, by the way, they put one right in without making him cry at all. I really wish they would listen to me.

We finally got to the hospital at 3am. Dawson's head was extremely sunken in and his sutures (seperated parts of skull that haven't fused yet) were standing out all over. Another cause of concern, Dawsons right eye would periodically spasm. It closes and twitches like crazy then his right side of his face droops. Not good.
As soon as we got here they adjusted his shunt (held a magnet to his head for 2 seconds) then ran down to CT and XRAY. The doctor said that maybe we can head home tomorrow. I told him NO WAY! I told him Dawson is not going anywhere until they find the right number with his shunt and he is stable for 3-5 days. Needless to say we are a little tired of going up and back, Plus, Dawson I am sure is tired of having to deal with the headaches. My poor baby!

So that is the plan. We will be here for a while but it will be worth the stay. My Gma & Gpa Atkinson will take me home tomorrow morning, then Ryan, Jake, Mal and I will run to Boise and stay the night so Ryan will be at the hospital at 7am. Then I will run with the kids to my Endocrinologist to start treating my PCOS. Ryan will be done at about 3-4pm then I will take him home and if he has to be completely down for 3 days I will stay home and take care of him, if he is just supposed to take it easy, I will pack up Jake and Mal and bring them back here with me. Jake has spring break so that is good timing. Then we will stay with Dawson until he is ready to head home. I will be away from Dawson from Sunday morning until Tuesday or Thursday. If any of you would like to go up and see him and love him...PLEASE DO! He can have any visitors. If you are not Grandparents call me (208) 948-5505 and I will call the hospital to give permission for you to go in. He loves to be held and loved and needs it. It is hard to leave him behind, but we will take care of what we need to then head back.

Hopefully this will be it. We will find his magic number and he will be OK for awhile. We sure could use a break from this place. We are moving the babies blessing from March 26th to April 9th. We can't wait to get that done and look forward to being able to go to church as a family for the first time in almost 8 months.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. We will keep you updated with any extra news. For now Dawson is comfortable and even smiling at me. He loves kisses. When I kiss his cheeks then talk to him really close to his face he tries to stretch his face closer to mine so I can kiss him more. He is such a little fighter and I am sure glad he is our baby!! What a blessing!!

Love, Amy


Anonymous said...

What can I say Amy but 'be strong'! Our love and prayers are with you. Love Greg and Cindy

Amy said...

Thanks you guys! I always love to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Amy, Ryan and Family;

Good Luck with your roller coaster day tomorrow. We hope all goes well for all of you!!!

I'll try to get up to the hospital tomorrow. I will definately call before I go.

We love you so much, all of you...and pray for your health!

Love Abby and the Salsas

courtney said...

Remember what we were doing last March? Crazy all that's happened since then! I know this has all been hard, but I have an overwhelming feeling of happiness that you guys have your sweet twinsies! It will all work out and your family will be so strong!

Elizabeth said...

Keep hanging in there guys. We sure love you! call me when you are home again. olivia and i will come to visit. love you lots