Thursday, August 25, 2005

Update on Dawson

It is about 1:30pm and I just got back from seeing the kids for a few hours. On days like this you just have to take a break from the hospital--it is a rough one.

When I got to the hospital and saw Dawson I could really tell that he was not feeling well. He just looks sick. They had to give him a blood transfusion, which they have done in the past several times. He was looking better when I left. They obviously didn't tell me this morning how sick he really was. They said really sick, but they meant really, really, really sick. He is septic, which means that he has an infection in his blood. They don't know what has caused it, but they are running tests right now to find out where it is originating from. They did say that this is just something that happens with premature babies. They have him on the ventilator again. They did want to make sure that I knew that it was not because of his lungs, but because they want him to get some rest. Breathing is hard work and they don't want him to have to worry about it for today. He will probably go back to room air today or tomorrow. He is on some antibiotics and doing great and will probably feel a lot better by tonight. Although he will still be sick. Dr. Doom, whom I am now starting to like, is very optomistic and said that he thinks it will pass without any problems.

The other problem that Dawson has, as if that was not enough, is that his head has grown 1 1/2 cm in the last 2 days. This is not good. What's worse is that while I was there they went in to do a spinal tap, where they pull the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CBF) out to relieve some of the pressure in his head. When they pull it out it should gush out and be clear or tinged a bit yellow. It wasn't. There was a lot of blood and it was very thick and gooey. That just means that the clot and this fluid is causing a block between his brain and spine so the fluid is getting all backed up in his head. They will do another ultrasound on Monday and watch the growth until then. If that block is not relieved they will take him back over to Primary's and put a reservoir into his head. Each day they will suck the fluid out of that to relieve the pressure until the clot reabsorb. If it does not relieve pressure they will have to put in a shunt. That is a tube that goes into his brain and down into his tummy to drain all of the fluid. The shunts are kind of a pain we have been told. They can get infected, and they also have to be changed as he groows. Not fun!

This is hard news, I know. But the feeling that I have as they tell me all of the details is that our faith can make him whole. Please continue to remember our sweet Dawson in your prayers. I know that this will pass soon. We are just on the down side of things. It is amazing how fast it can drop! I will keep you all posted!

Thanks-Love, Amy


Courtney said...

I'm sure glda that Ryan and Jake are going to be with you this weekend. It will be nice to have them around since you've been having a hard day.

We're all still praying for you, as are numerous people who keep askin me for updates!


Lisa said...


As I was reading this new update I just keep having this thought in my head. That this is some how going to make him better.

I know that sounds crazy, especially right now and I am not even close to knowing the scientific mumbo jumbo, but I just know that he is going to be okay. Heavenly Father is there with him and will pull him through this.

I can not describe to you what I am feeling right now. Every time I think of Dawson I get this overwhelming feeling that this will make him better and he will be okay (if this is the holy ghost talking to me it is amazing, I don't think I have ever felt certanty like this before).

Our prayers are with you always and we love you so much.
You are a strong and amazing Mama.

Love you so much,

Amy AKA "the Mama" said...


Thanks so much for sharing that with me. I can tell you that the feeling you had did come from the spirit because as soon as I read it I felt it too!
It is amazing to me that although I am in the "refiners fire" and my faith is being tested I know that the Lord knows my limits. Today everything was so overwhelming until I came home and prayed like crazy. The Lord was waiting for me to call on Him and when I did I was filled with His love and with very much peace. I also had Grandma A. call and tell me how much she loves me, and mom, and Lynne and Ryan, and Abby, and you, and so many more. Not to mention my sweet Mallory smiling.
The Lord answered my prayer through you and I am thankful that you followed that prompting and shared the feeling with me. Dawson will be perfect, I know that. The Lord is helping him and giving him the strength that he needs by giving him things like this to make him stronger. Please feel free to remind me of this the next time I freak out about something! :)
I love you Lees. Thanks for being such a great sister and for all of your love and support!

Love- Amy