Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A good day for both babies!

Well I just got back from the hospital. I did get some pictures. If I posted them they were above this and you have already seen them. If they are not up- I am dumb and couldn't figure out how to put them up. You will have to wait until tomorrow when Ryan gets here. When you see the pics, I am sorry, I know they are cute, but they just don't do the babies any justice. The light from the flash usually reflects off of the humidity on the babies bodies and can sometimes make their eyes look weird or make them look sick. They look sooooo good in person! They are just so darn cute!!

Mallory is now onto a different type of CPAP. She figured out how to wiggle her little head just right so that the little nubs that go into her nose would come out. Then she would go back to sleep and sleep quite peacefully until the nurse would catch on and put them back in, then Mallory would wait until she wasn't looking and do it again. After this back and forth battle all night long they finally put in a different type of CPAP that has longer prongs. She actually has surrendered and is doing wonderful on it. Her only problems are that she sneezes a lot, which is really cute, sad, but cute, and she gags on her feeding tube. Poor girl. When she is asleep she is just fine. Its when someone pokes at her and wakes her up that she gets a little annoyed. She is doing really good though. When she was being fed through her tube today she started sucking on it. I put her binki in her mouth and she went to town. She even held it there herself for a minute. It is really really good that she is associating food in her belly with sucking. Hopefully, that makes learning to nurse easier for her!

Dawson is now completely off anything that helps him breathe and is doing perfect on his own. He is such a cute little boy and it was so fun to see his whole face today. All he has left is his feeding tube (NG tube-goes up his nose and into his tummy). We both really enjoyed our holding time today. He spent a lot of time awake just checking me out. He is so sweet!

Other than that all is well so far. Apparently no one is too worried about Dawsons kidney. They are not really going to do anything about it until he gets bigger. Well, thats what I gathered today anyway. Mallory will hopefully be off CPAP before daddy gets here to see her or at least before he goes home.

It is nice to have a few days where I just go and do mommy things. I love to sit and hold Dawson and change both of their diapers, do their hair and take their temps. They are so sweet and I am so glad that I have them. What a blessing!!!

More later!!
Love, Amy

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