Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Shame on me for thinking that these babies are boring!

Well, the kids definately wanted to teach me a lesson today! Let's start with Mallory.

Mallory was extubated this morning and is now on CPAP. I was here for that whole ordeal. I swear that girl is hiding some serious muscles somewhere. It took 2 nurses to hold her head in place and mom to hold her hands down so she wouldn't rip the nose piece back out. She has really good aim with her hands. She finally settled, begrudgingly, and went to breathing with the CPAP. She did keep her eyebrows furrowed for about 15 min. just to let everyone know she was mad. After that she went right to sleep and has been doing pretty good all day on it. Hopefully, she will relax and learn from the machine quickly so that she can move on.

Dawson has had a crazy day. The ultrasound results for his head and tummy are back. First of all his head was about the same. Which is good. Their bleeds are now clots. Which is also good. They are in the ventricles in the right and left. The left is considered the small grade 4. The good thing is that his head is not swelling because of it so far. Dawsons body will break down the clots and reabsorb them. The trick is for him to do it before they move and block off the cerebral spinal fluid, which would than cause swelling. That is our next mountain to climb I guess. Well that one coupled with the kidney.

On to the kidney. His left one is getting bigger. they have to find out why. One theory was that he was having reflux from the blatter to the kidney which would cause an infection. They called in Life Flight to do a walking transport and we put him in a little incubator on a stretcher and walked him to Primary Childrens Hosp. When we got there they laid him on a table and gave him a catherter. He is so opposite of his sister. He didn't mind it too much. He laid their wide awake just looking around and gave my finger a little white knuckled grip once. Other than that he was just perfect. They shot some fluid up into his blatter and when he peed they xrayed it to make sure that there wasn't any reflux. There wasn't! One test down and who knows how many more until the problem is solved. It is amazing to see what they can do to help these sweet babies.

Dawson was held by his mommy for 2 hours today! It was awesome!! He is now up to 13 MLs every 3 hours for his feedings. Mallory is up to 6. They are both wonderful and I am so glad that I have them!

Grandma A. get some sleep tonight-they are just fine and very content! Everyone please just keep remembering them in your prayers. Who knows what the next 9 weeks will bring to these sweet babies.

I am going home and going to bed. I am beat! I think 9 hours in a hours in a hospital can do that to anyone!! However, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! :)

Love- Amy


The Lindstrom Family said...

Wow! Most of that is news to me! I'm getting updates right along with the rest of you! I couldn't get her on the phone, so hopefully that means she really did go to bed.


Courtney said...

That just means she's saving her minutes for me :)