Thursday, March 8, 2012

Speaking of Cousins.....

This is CAROLINE! 

She is my little sister Lisa's little girl. Her and Mal are just 2 months apart in age. 

I must say that there is not much in this world that can make my heart sing quite like my little sisters little girl and mine walking around holding hands! Lisa and I were just over a year and a half apart in age. We may not have gotten along some of the time, but when we word! We could play Little People and Barbies for HOURS! Good thing now is that we are all grown up and still....well actually, like each other even more! :) 

Caroline came for a sleepover. 

And I listened to their giggling ALL DAY LONG from the other room! They were so fun to listen to. They got Mal's camera out and modeled for each other, did crafts, and just entertained the heck out of each other! 

I happen to love this little girl a whole lot! I swear she came with a bit of her Aunt Amy in her! While her Mom was as sweet as pie and always did what she was told, I was a bit more mischievous and Caroline was cut from the same cloth I was! :) And while she can be a bit of a tease, this girl would do ANYTHING to help anyone! She is the best of both worlds! So glad Mal has her as a friend!  


Kristin and Jay said...

Are you sure she's not a Lindstrom? Oh my, that girl looks like she could be one of yours!

Brian and Kayla said...

Yeah this picture especially looks like Jake and Mal. I never thought about that before until I read this post :o).

Just Us said...

She does look a lot like you Amy. Cutie. I love cousins. It's so nice having ours so close. I grew up playing with mine and am thankful that my girls are having that same experience.

Norris Fam said...

We need cousins to move to Eureka!

And I agree with the others, I had to look for a while to be able to tell if that was Malory :)