Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Best Buddies

Can I just tell you one of my VERY favorite parts about living back in Utah? 


These are pictures of the kids with their Lindstrom cousins. There are many more on my side, as well! 

IT IS AWESOME! My kids are so lucky to have so many fun cousins right around their age. They are their best friends! Living away from them was so hard for all of us. We were sad everytime we had to leave them behind and head back to Idaho. However, now....they get PLENTY of time with them whenever they want! 

This is (from L to R): Tyler, Lane, Mason and Jake, on the bottom. SUCH a fun group of boys! Tyler is the oldest. Mason was born just 4 months after him and Jake was born just 4 months after Mason. Clayton is his cousin on my side of the family. He was born between Tyler and Mason. Seriously, how fun is that?! Lane is quite a bit younger than the big boys, but they love playing with him anyway! 

This is generally how they spend their time together. A LOT of serious game playing! Looks pretty intense! :) 

Now this little group makes my heart sing! 

Brigham (Briggy), Mally & Brady have formed a little group they call the "Best Buddies Club". They bring each other gifts, have sleepovers and run through the list they wrote of things to do together, which include things like.... Sleepover at Grandma's, play in the sandbox, tackle the big boys, eat snacks, etc. 

These guys love each other SO much! It is pretty fun to watch them play together! They are so much fun! 

SO grateful to live near family again! LOVIN IT! 

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MyR said...

I LOVE THIS!!! We're not that close to cousins but close enough that we get to see them almost once a month...WAY BETTER than twice a year!!! I love that I can stop by to see my parents just because I wanted to today. Who would have thought I would love it here? Not I! haha!