Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Carols and Freckled Faces

I am totally going to be a little behind on uploading Christmas pictures. You see....I now have HUNDREDS to go through! My hubby surprised me with a brand new Canon Rebel T3i camera and I am going out of my mind with how much I love this thing. I am still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles so great pictures are hit and miss, but I had to start somewhere! May as well be with my little Jakey! 

Singing his little heart out next to his cousin and best friend, Tyler. 

Moving to Utah and putting these boys together was such a blessing for Jake! They are quite the funny little buddies! 

BUSTED! I was trying to be sneaky with my extra long range lens....no go! He caught me! Can I just say he is SUCH a cute boy! He is SO SO good! I could not be more proud of him! 

It was pretty fun to watch them sing in their program. I can't believe my boy is in 6th grade! I remember being the big 6th graders! I swear I was older than he is now....wasn't I?! Man alive! Time is going by fast! My sister reminded me that Jake would be 16 and dating in 4 years. And then I puked in my mouth! Can't I freeze him and keep him here?! Oh my! 

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