Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SHOOT! Now This Is Just Disturbing!

Welp, looks like I better find myself a new hiding place for the camera! Jake now requests that Dad wake him up at 6am so he can get ready for school and get his jobs done before school . When school doesn't start for another 3 hours....that provides A LOT of down time! 

And since Jake is up, Mallory's internal sensors, the ones that notify her that she may be missing out on a party or some sort of excitement, start buzzing in this girls head until she pops right out of bed and tracks down the source of the party. 

She always finds him. He is ALWAYS willing to provide some sort of entertainment. From whoopy cushions to bouncy balls to stealing Moms camera and taking hilarious creepy pictures of our aspiring little model. Oh, how I feel for the childless newlyweds that are currently renting our basement apartment from us. Certainly sleeping in will NOT be a sweet memory they will treasure when they look back at this time of their lives. So sad. 

Now these pictures, the ones I am about to show you. Well, cover the eyes of small children in the room. They will positively leave them with the potential for night terrors. Cause this girl and her bed head (which is quite impressive and never ceases to amaze) are KA-REEP-EE!!

Oh dear! Am I really capable of producing something that can make THAT face?! 

What's with the tongue?! Surely Jake told her to make faces, and this is the only one she could think of. I mean, it IS like 6:15 am! Isn't everyone lacking in creativity at this time of day? 

Now this is where it gets quite bizarre....disturbing, really. Apparently Jake was going for some new picture taking techniques. 

OH SHEESH! I am pretty sure this will haunt me for a lloooong time! 

I am sure this was the moment that caused the uproarious laughter that woke me from my sweet sleep and I am sure they were having the time of their lives and they will remember their little "photo shoots" for the rest of their lives. HEY! And now I am having a moment. Perhaps THIS is the very reason my camera is broken, all of the sudden. The darn thing rarely like to turn on and it is causing me stress. I haven't been able  to figure out what happened to the poor thing until this very moment. And I thought that it had to be Ryan! Sorry about that love! Gosh, I don't know whether to be upset or if I should thank these little scoundrels! I mean, a blogger cannot function without a camera, right?! And now, with Christmas just around the corner, perhaps Santa will justify my need for a SWEET and totally amazing camera! Ya think?! I hope! 


Anonymous said...

:) This makes me smile! Love those kids... and I love that they have a super special relationship!


Norris Fam said...

So funny! What is it about a camera that can entertain kids (and adults) for hours?? :)