Friday, December 9, 2011

"Snake Buns"

I LOVE this fun hairdo. I picked it up on a blog somewhere about 4 years ago. Now that Mal's hair is getting a little longer, it was time to break it out again! It is SO easy and SO fun! Mallory gave it it's new name when she said that her hair looks like it has snakes in it and Jake said she looks like she has Medusa hair, but in buns. :) 

Pull the hair back into a ponytail or two, wherever you want them. My friends little girl let me do this in her hair and we chose to do a side bun just behind her right ear. She is a little older than Mal and we wanted it to be less little girly. It turned out SO cute with a big flower clipped over the top of the bun. 

Pick up a small section of the hair and wet it with a spray bottle (or you can start with a wet head). Twist that piece of hair until it is twisted so tight that it starts to twist down on itself. Keep twisting until it is as tight as you want it.

I usually have a couple of temporary bobby pins positioned close to the ponytail. I slip the end of the twist into the nearest one to secure it until I am finished with all of the ponytail. Continue doing this until you have twisted all of the hair in the ponytail. There will be some straight ends poking out a little. Once they are all secured wrap another elastic around the base of the bun. This should secure all of the ends. You can wrap the straight ends in, if you want. Once the ponytail is secure you can remove the bobby pins.

Then add some cute ribbon, bows or flowers. Whatever you are feeling. 
If there are is a "snake" here or there that needs taming feel free to use bobby pins to help them stick where you want them. Give it all a really good spray with some hair spray. 

This hairdo takes me about 10 - 15 min to do. It really isn't bad. If I wrap it tight enough, it will even stay for 2 days....which is a big deal with Mal because she sleeps like a maniac and can get some wicked bed head! 

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