Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Funny Little Vegan!

The other day Mallory stumbled out of her bed and into the kitchen to find me making muffins and an egg white omelet. Something ignited in her. 

Mal: "I know! Let's play pretend rest-uh-raunt, Mommy! You are the chef and I am coming to your rest-uh-raunt to eat something, Ok?!" 

Me: "OK!"

Mal: "I'm ready to order now!"

Me: "OK, what can I get for you, ma'am?"

Mal: "Um, I will have a green pepper, please."

Me: (trying to keep my omelet from burning) "OK, just a minute please."

Mal: "No, not just a minute, or I will go somewhere else." 

Hahaha! Oh my! Pushy little stinker! 

Me: (Quickly grabbing a whole green pepper and handing it to her whole, instead of slicing it up, because of her impatience) "Alright, here you go, little lady!" (Fully expecting her to hand it back and ask for it to be cut up)

And do you know what she did.........

She ate it! The whole dang thing! Just like an apple! 

This child is a mystery! I have never met a person so naturally vegan. She hates meat. She hates eggs, butter, cheese, etc. But the child could NEVER have enough veggies! I mean, Thanksgiving day. Wanna know what she ate? A plate full of raw carrots! She hates potatoes and won't eat cooked veggies, so sweet potatoes were out. She is quite funny! When given her choice of cupcakes, she chooses the "Carrot cake" one because she really thinks that a cupcake that tastes like carrot is her version of heaven. The child is a mystery! 

I have given up the food war with her. She knows that she can eat as much fruits and veggies as she wants, but she also knows that our compromise is protein. I won't make her eat meat, but she must have either a little milk or a yogurt of something like that. They are not her favorite, but she will do it, if it means more salad! 

She is a little difficult in the food department, but that child is a riot! I love that she is SO into baking with me and loves to try new veggies. She loves to smell and touch everything she can in the kitchen, but she is picky about what she will taste. She is pretty darn fun and a total light in our family! I think we will keep her! Picky-ness and all! 


Amber said...

Have you introduced her to edamame? Sneaky protein, that's what it is! It looks like a vegetable, but really a protein. Also, will she eat nuts? Maya isn't a fan of meat, but we compromise with nuts and soy. I get my edamame in the freezer section of costco- the whole family loves it.

Brian and Kayla said...

Yeah not only vegan but she's doing the whole "raw" thing too. That is impressive. And I loved the hair in these pics...

Norris Fam said...

Try giving her a whole onion next time and see what she does...