Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Princess Leah Anyone?!

I watched a video on YouTube video a couple of months ago. I finally decided to try it out on Mallory. Check this out.....

The Sock Bun!!

We are both fans of this hairdo! I totally love double buns on this cute little stinker! 

Here is the tutorial that I watched. The girl kinda cracks me up, but she explains it pretty well. 

This is from the same girl, but it is how to curl your hair with the sock bun. I have to be honest, because of the length of my hair (short) this wasn't great. However, I imagine this is fabulous with long hair. It is with hers. And now I want to grow my hair long! :) 



MyR said...

I totally watched the same videos and tried the curling technique with my and Ty's hair. Not so great. I have SUPER THICK hair and hers is hard to keep a curl so I'm going to just blame it on that. The one bun didn't seem to stay in her hair either. I was sad.

Just Us said...

Yeah, we tried it too and it didn't turn out nearly as beautiful as hers. I think we need a few sock buns randomly placed throughout my girls hair to get it to work.