Monday, November 21, 2011

In Loving additional tribute to Dawson

At last weekends fireside in Arizona I decided it was time to make a special addition to the OTHER VIDEO I play at the firesides. I wanted to include a special tribute to Dawson, especially since I made the video before he passed away.

The song played with this video was composed by my Brother in Law, Brian Cook. He is AMAZING! He composed this for Dawson and played it at his funeral. I sang the song "A Child's Prayer" maybe a million times to Dawson. Every single time it put him at ease. He could go through any amount of pain as long as he could feel the spirit and the best way to do that was through music. In the second verse there is a line that says, "You are His child, His love now surrounds you." There was never a time that I didn't sing those words without the spirit testifying to me that they were true. I could feel the spirit flood over my entire body like someone had just dumped a bucket over us. Every single time we experienced this. This song was absolutely Dawson's song. It brought him so much comfort in his life.

Brian also added a little "Each Life That Touches Ours For Good" in there. I didn't know he would going to do it. I remember sitting at Dawson's funeral and listening to him play this. When he got to that part I could just feel the truth in that. Our little man's life touched ours for good, and I have a feeling he has touched yours as well! How blessed are we all for having such an experience?! Knowing this sweet little guy has certainly been the greatest part of all of our lives! Man alive, am I ever glad he is our forever!!



Tuzi Salz said...

That was super great. I miss that little guy. Love you more day until you can see our bright happy faces

Courtney Price said...

That is very sweet. I really like seeing all the happy family moments-- that's what it's all about!

Anonymous said...

That brought goosebumps to my arms and warmth filled my soul... thank you for sharing that video...

Ashlee Salisbury