Thursday, October 13, 2011

Every Last Drop of Fun

I know this is a bit behind, but I just couldn't NOT post this!

When August started, so did the dread! I DID NOT want school to start this year! The kids and I had the BEST SUMMER. We played constantly! SO many trips to 7 Peaks and days spent by the pool or out playing. Everyday I would come home from the gym to find the kids finishing up jobs and ready to get going. Then it was on! Whatever we wanted to do, we did! AND WE LOVED IT!

Each day closer to school was a day I dreaded more than the last!

So, when Monday came and I knew that school would begin the next day, I knew I was going to cram every last bit of fun we could into that day!

First stop....THE POOL, of course! Our plan was 7 Peaks in the morning, but we decided to save that for afterschool on the first day and include Dad in the fun. The pool was perfect for us. We LOVED living in our condo for the Summer and having a pool to play in whenever we wanted. Have I mentioned I am a fish?! I could live in the water! I LOVE IT!

After swimming, our next stop was Glow In The Dark Miniature Golf at Orem Trafalga.

So cool!

After that, Dad got off work and met us at Cafe Rio for an early dinner and then we were off to Lehi Trafalga.

I think all the fun was starting to fry this kids brain a bit! :)

Ryan's too! Hahaha! These pictures crack me up! He was having the time of his life, can you tell? :)

Well, even if he was a little bored on the ride, Mal was having the time of her life!

After this ride we raced cars on the slick track, played in the jungle gym, and then headed to Laser Tag.

Mallory is NOT a fan of dark places. However, once we convinced her to strap on her vest and pack her gun in, she was ALL OVER IT! We spent the next hour and a half doing Laser Tag over and over. One of my favorite things has got to be watching her sneak around corners in her pack that was WAY too big on her, taking everything SO serious and shouting, "GUYS! GUYS! We gotta go this way, COME ON!" Oh, it was the best!

We headed home for our FHE Start of School Father's Blessings. It was SUCH a fun day! Easily the best for us to send them off to school!

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