Tuesday, October 11, 2011


If you haven't ever gone to, or especially taken your kids to, a Demolition Derby....OH YOU MUST!!

Think about it. I mean, just explaining to the kids about the things they are about to witness....it is hilarious to watch their faces as they try to contemplate the oxymoronic-ness (totally a real word...or should be!) of what you are trying to explain. It goes against everything they know to be correct....sort of like when we did the Messy Party!

But when they actually SEE it take place.....PRICELESS looks on their faces! So Awesome!

Tyler (in the red) is more practical and logical than most kids his age. He refused to believe that I was telling him the truth about what was about to occur. That is why this picture is HILARIOUS to me! He was a bit shocked as he watched the cars race towards each other and then collide!

Mason was a bit alarmed by the amount of noise coming from the cars. It was VERY loud. 

Mallory just wanted to keep having pictures taken with me and anyone else willing to pose with her.

She loves the crashing, but sometimes it is just a bit too concerning for her. I love that little mug!

She is seriously one of my very favorite people EVER!

I also love these 3 boys! The first borns of this generation of Lindstroms. All just months apart in age and such good buddies! I can't believe how much they are growing up! Tyler just announced that he got his temple recommend to do baptisms and Mason showed me some sprouting black hairs in his arm pits (funny, I know). How can this be happening?!

Then there are the girlies. Eliza and Olivia. Love these two!

More posing with Mally.

Have you ever been to Heber or Midway, UT? Oh you should go! It is SO crazy beautiful here! Tucked in a spot that makes it close to Provo AND Park City, and even not too far from Salt Lake. Awesome!

I love this! Aunt Lacy was teaching Mal how to do YMCA!

Um...The eyes....Yeah, she's cute! :)

And pretty much everyone else thinks so too! I love that she got Uncle Kevin (The Cop) in on the posing!

They are cute buddies!

I think you may be starting to get a glimpse of why Mallory seems to collect fans for her fan club everywhere she goes. I mean, she is just crazy sweet and lovey. How can you not love her?!

Mason, Lane, Tyler & Jake

Clint & Jared. Ryan's brothers. Can you tell?

And now, for my favorite part of the show! What do you do during the down time between competitions? How do you keep yourself entertained?

Why you take pictures of Ryan. :) Oh these faces!

He's got a real talent for making faces, I would say.

And of course I was laughing hysterically after each picture. Especially after the next one.

The Grand Finale.....

OH. MY. GOODNESS. This is one of the funniest pictures I have ever seen! I mean, the nose.....hahahaha! Oh my!

Now just to prove that he CAN look normal.....

Oh, I do like him!

Afterwards we made our way out onto the field to let the kids get a close look.

These were a few of our favorites!

Some of these guys were insane! We got to see a couple of cars pushed up over the barrier like this one, a few roll overs, a couple of fires, and our fave was the Truck Demolition! Those things could seriously do a lot of damage to each other!

You must find one of these to go to next year! SO redneck and SO much fun! I am sure that the Heber Demo Derby just became a yearly tradition for our family!


Ben and Kelli said...

The Kamas demolition derby was our first date and yes, they are incredible (I stuck around, I'm sure that the derby had something to do with it:))!!! I love the destruction and the flying dirt and the smell as they gun their engines! Those kids are precious, I love the first one of Tyler especially!

The Johnson Family said...

Oh my goodness...those eyes!! Awesome post, but seriously...those eyes!! Mallory is beautiful.

Norris Fam said...

The close up of just you and Mallory MUST be framed...that is a treasure! And the "Ryan Series" was totally cracking me up...I would have loved so much to hear you laughing after every picture! I wonder if they have a demolition derby in Eureka, totally sounds like something they would do here :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family. The shots of your husband had me cracking up. You are blessed. My name is tina and I found your rexipe for KFC on pinterest.