Monday, June 20, 2011

MONDAY'S MENU {Cinna-Bites}

My hubby is allergic to dairy! Isn't that sad?! It is! He has waffled back and forth from time to time. He might eat a little here or there, but it makes him feel horrible. As of late, he has sworn it off completely. Did you know that there is dairy in EVERYTHING?! EVERYTHING!! Cooking for him means I have to get a little creative.

The sad thing, he has a wicked sweet tooth, but there is not a dessert menu anywhere that is dairy-less. So when I find a little something that I can whip up to satisfy his sweet tooth, I get a little excited about it! He was too! Especially about this quite and super yummy little treat!


 Grab any ole roll of biscuits. You can use pillsbury. We have found that the generic cheap store versions work just as good AND they don't have dairy in them!

Seperate the biscuits and cut them into quarters.

Melt a little butter.....or in our case Nucoa (a dairy-less butter). Coat each of the quarters with butter.

Then drop them into a bowl full of cinnamon & sugar. Make sure they are completely covered.

Lay them out on a lightly sprayed cookie sheet.

Bake, following the instructions on the can of dough you choose. Remember that cooking times will likely be less because they are quartered.

Whip up any ole icing for a dipping sauce and enjoy!



Alea said...

That looks so yummy... And you can get those biscuts for WAY cheaper than the cans of cinnamon rolls!

Norris Fam said...

Oh...Kallie's going to love that recipe. She's really into cooking right now and that one looks perfect for her. I can't wait to sample her cooking :)

So when are you coming to see me again...?

Just Us said...