Tuesday, June 21, 2011

M - Shirts

I love this girl!

She signs everything she does "Mal". She decided during the last couple of weeks of school that she wasn't going to sign her full name to things anymore, but that a simply perfect "Mal" is just what she wanted to go by.

She makes us laugh all the time with her little antics. She also has a tendency to make us want to pull our hair out, from time to time.

She has an amazing ability to show love and make everyone around her feel loved. I love that about her. She is quick to ask others how they are feeling or doing and she loves to see people happy.

Her favorite color changes daily! And she is nothing if not loyal to that favorite....at least until it changes.

She also thinks she owns the letter M. Since it starts her name and all. Jake isn't even allowed to say "M", without suffering the wrath! It's hers dang it! :)

The other day we all had to giggle. I asked her which T-shirt she wanted. She notified me that she doesn't wear T-shirts, she wears M-shirts. Of course she does! What a stinker!

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Anonymous said...

umm I pretty much love her so stinkin much!!!