Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Have Added to Our Family......

I have decided that we live in extremes! We went from driving the biggest thing on the road, to the smallest!
We sold the Excursion. I mean, it is FAR more room than we need for our little family of 4. When we started to test drive cars we were looking for something with AWESOME gas mileage. A Sentra, Honda of some sort. Something. Then we stumbled upon a Mini Cooper. We drove it, just for fun! I felt like I was on a ride at Disneyland! :) It was SO fun!

However, reality was NOT in the Cooper. I mean, the thing couldn't carry me, 1 child and our groceries home from the store. Ryan liked the car too. So he decided to do a little research. That is when he found the Mini Cooper Clubman! This baby ROCKS! These cars are small on the outside, but surprisingly they are as roomy on the inside as a Nissan Maxima that we drove. AND they get 40 mpg!! SOLD!

I was so proud of myself. I went to the dealership and haggled with the best of them. I got them to come down on the price. $4000 below book! It is a 2009 and only had just over 12,000 miles on it. AND I LOVE IT!

Isn't it fun?! I mean, I love a car with a personality of it's own! And seriously, if I have to get a car I may as get one that I LOVE! Especially if I could get it in the same price range we were thinking about.

Just so you know....Ryan fits in this baby comfortably and he is 6'2". In fact, he can sit in the back comfortably! And I moved most of our house using this baby! When the back seats are down, it is surprisingly roomy!

Now, the big discussion in our house came when we BOTH had to have a new vehicle. Ryan had always had a work truck to drive to and from and now he would need something else. Needless to say, the Cooper isn't going to make any trips 4 wheeling up in the mountains. So Ryan went with a different option. He got a screaming deal on this baby and he gets giddy at the thought of it....or the thought of me driving it. It is pretty funny!

No, those are not our dogs. This was taken by the owner before us.

My favorite things about this beast....Jared, Ryan's brother, lovingly named it Hair Nation. I call it that and sometimes worse :). It is pretty redneck! :) I LOVED when my sister in law, in an attempt to mock him said that he should get a skull for the gear shifter and Ryan replied, "It already has one!". And it does! Hahahaha! I told him I am going to have some SLAYER vinyl stickers made for the back window.

Now, after all that is said, I will say that I am glad he has it AND my kids, who used to beg to ride in my car anywhere, now plead to ride in the Bronco. They think it is WAY better than the black car! :) Mal would go anywhere if she could go in this beast! Pretty funny!
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Just Us said...

I love your car but I really, really love hair nation.

Lombardo Family said...

I have missed the Lindstrom family! I'm totally jealous of the mini. Please let me take it for a test drive?!? Someday I'll have one. Someday.

MyR said...

ROAD TRIP to Arizona!!! I can't wait!