Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Little Discovery

We got free passes to the Children's Discovery Museum from Jake's school. Can I just say that I am now convinced that EVERY place in Utah, that involves things for kids, is FOREVER BUSY! I mean, really!

The good thing is that the kids just don't seem to mind waiting in lines or wading through hoards of people.

We decided to snag my little brother Parker and take him with us for all the fun.

This museum is pretty cool. I remember going when I was younger....it was in an older building then. The bees, the shadow room. So much fun!

The kids get to touch and play with everthing.

Miss Thing was having a blast, although I think the hoards of people stressed her out just a bit more than the boys!

Luckily Dad found this! She stayed here and played in the water for as long as we would let her....which was a LONG time!

I loved the news set! The boys got to read from Telepromters and we recorded them with real cameras. Then their was a TV playing their news cast. Pretty fun!

Is it funny that the boy on the right is an uncle to the one on the left? I think so! :)  

Mal and Dad found the building center and spent a lot of time building different kinds of blocks, tubes and sprockets.

They even had a Life Flight helicopter out on the roof for the kids to play in. The kids loved this!

The helicopter was definately a highlight....all except some random kid that got a hold of the loud speaker in the helicopter and kept screaming, "WE ARE GOING DOWN" over and over. Scared the heck out of Mal. She was over the whole thing really quick! :)

When we had all had enough of the crowd, we headed to Carls Jr. The kids played like crazy in the little playland thingy while Ry and I discussed boring adult stuff! :)

We had a blast! We were so glad Parker was with us. Mallory LOVES her Uncle Parker! He is always so sweet and loving to her. The whole day I got a kick out of them always holding hands. I am glad he lets her love on him all the time. He is a sweetheart!

And a random side note. Mal & Parker go to the same school. Parkers 3rd grade class goes to Mallory's kindergarten class to read stories to them every Tuesday morning. HOW FUN IS THAT?! I'm sure the kids wonder what the heck is going on when Mallory calls him "Uncle". Hahaha! How fun!


Mom Salz said...

What a fun post! Parker had such a good time that day. I love looking at all these pictures. I didn't realize all the fun things he got to do that day.You guys were so great to let him come along with you. Parker said the thing that he is going to miss the most when school is out this year is reading with Mallory. Maybe we will make up for it with Summer Reading at the library :o)

Love you,

Alea said...

Wow, he looks like a little Tyrel! How cute are all of them?! :)