Thursday, December 23, 2010


Our second port was St. Maarten, a beautiful island that is half Netherlands and half France. We stuck to the Netherlands side. It had a beach that was supposed to be fabulous for snorkeling, and the France side was clothing optional....Soooooo, well, we chose the clothed option.

I always loved pulling into port and seeing an island for the first time.

Ry and I hung out on deck as we came in, picking our vacation homes we must purchase someday! :)

This place was really quite amazing from the ship. It was amazing everywhere, however, once you got into the island you could see the run down homes and conditions people were living in. I do have to say that I absolutely LOVED that everywhere you went the locals were smiling. Such a great bunch of people!

And I could live here.....did I mention that?!

Once we got to the dock we had to take a water taxi to the beach. This guy provided our entertainment for the trip over. He sang and danced to the reggae beats. I was totally entertained. I loved it!

Eric, Ryan and Clint. I mean, they look just absolutely thrilled don't they?! Don't let them fool you....this is what happy looks like to the Lindstrom boys! :)

Unless your Jared. Then you get a little more enthusiasm.

Such a great day on the beach. The waves were a bit too much for snorkeling and the under current was WAY to strong for my liking once we got clear out to the reefs we wanted to check out. Instead, we swam back and played in the waves. I could honestly watch my mother in law play in waves all day! So hilarious! Between that and waves taking Anna out and making Kevin do backwards summersaults I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard! SO MUCH FUN!

After the taxi ride back to our water taxi Ry and I decided to hang out on another beach for a while. I am pretty sure I could be on a beach, in the water, for a full week and it wouldn't be enough! I LOVE THE OCEAN!

Next Stop.....ST. THOMAS and Sea Turtles!

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Kristin and Jay said...

My favorite thing about all your pictures is the water and how Turquoise it is! LOVE it!