Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Are you kidding me?! I seriously did not expect to see this! I mean, I had seen pictures, but I was certain there was lots of photoshop involved. NOPE! It is really just that beautiful!

Princess Cays is Princess's private island in the bahamas. Those boats out there are the tenders or "Life Boats" from the ship. They shipped us into the island and for 6 hours we were left to lounge, swim, play and snorkel!

Me & My Sis in Law, Lacy on the "Bridge of Love".

We had such a fun time on this island. It was my first chance to actually snorkel and see some really cool things. Tons of fish, shells, a halibut and the freakiest looking huge ole lobsters. I mean, HUGE! They had ten legs and I totally had mixed feelings about them. I was totally intrigued and didn't want to leave them and at the same time, couldn't stand to share the same water with them. They were TOTALLY creepy! However, such a cool find!

Headed back to the boat with my crazy Sisters in Law, Jana & Lacy. I love these girlies!

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