Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Suprise for Suzi

My little brother Tyrel wanted to have a suprise birthday party for his cute wife Suzi. We all met at my parents church for cake and ice cream and a whole lotta minute to win it! So fun!

In this game Lisa, my little sister, and Suzi's Dad competed against each other. For one minute they had to keep 3 balloons from hitting the grounds. Lisa launched her balloons as high as she could. Seemed like a good idea until they came down all over the place. These two didn't make it 15 seconds! :)

Next game, Lisa's hubby (Ryan) and Suzi's brother competed. The goal: Get the oreo from your forehead to your mouth, using only facial expressions. No head tipping.

Ryan killed it! SO FUNNY! This game was meant for him!

Then it was Suzi against Tyrel. One minute to stack 5 apples and have them stay without falling over.

Looking good, but alas...NO GO! Neither one was able to make it, even with a time extension.

Next up....
My Dad competed against one of Suzi's sisters. The trick, place a bouncy ball on a towel and whip the towel up to get the ball to bounce.

Try to get as many balls in the laundry basket as you can in one minute.

Meanwhile, Ryan, with his cute little Carter looking on, was able to stack 5 apples and make them stick! Nice Ry!

Then Grandpa Atkinson went for it! This is totally something he would be able to master! Nice job Gramps!

I just had to get pictures of this girl. Ryan and Lisa had a BBQ just before the party. Caroline obviously found a mud pit and had the time of her life! She showed up to the party with mud dried and caked all over her little body.

What a monkey!

The party was fun and it was WAY fun to suprise Suzi for her bday! Sure love you Suze!

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