Monday, October 11, 2010


And then my friend Shalece showed up for a visit and had a heart attack! She worried that I had just washed my clothes in the river! Hahaha!
 I LOVE Shalece!
And not just because she showed up with a whole pan of toffee bars!

Wondering what we do with laundry?
No worries! I do not own a bar of lye and a washboard! I visit the laundromat once per week. Drop in about 5 or 6 loads, leave for 35 min. Come back switch clothes over to the Dryer, then show up to pick them back up an hour later! Laundry NEVER took less time! :)

For the record....

I have asked my hubby to build me a house someday and in the backyard, I TOTALLY want a clothes line!
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Tammra said...

Clothes lines are the best!! Why don't I have one??


Gear Gang said...

There is something very...beautifully old fashioned about that picture. I love it.

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

Clothes lines rule.

Laundromats stink... I left my laundry once and my favorite jeans got stolen! Boo!

Lacy said...

Wow -- if only I had seen this post a day earlier. I am sorry to inform you that sweet Brendy Wilkes and myself have spent many hours over the last two days with shovels, sawzalls, gloves, and a whole lot of muddy clothes in order to remove the laundry lines that were the eyesore of our backyard. I'm pretty sure they were circa 1974. So sad for such an antique to be felled like a beetle eaten tree. If only I had known, it might have saved them...doubtful...but you never know.