Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remember those first days of school.......

My kids are absolutely loving school this year! I am also loving having a little time to myself. However, I am quickly realizing that I must get a schedule down for myself. My goal for this year is to spend my days working on ways to better myself, so that I can be better for my family, friends, church, etc. There is a lot I have neglected....actually, a lot that I haven't previously had the opportunity to do. But I do now! And I am looking forward to it!

I just realized that I didn't post pictures of their first day of school. I thought it is pretty important to do, considering the front door of our house still looks like this.....

Aren't they cute?!

So far Jake has brought home a progress report every Tuesday. So far everything he has done so far is A+ and E+. Every assignment, every test. He has read 3 of the Lightening Thief Series books and got 100% on the comprehension tests! WOW!

Last night Jake and I talked about his desire to do good in school. He loves it. It is important to him to do well. He talks about college and what he wants to do and is already setting goals for scholarships. I hope he keeps this passion!

Tonight we talked about his ability to learn. I told him that I had a very strong feeling that his brain, wisdom and ability to learn easily is a gift from God. I asked if he believed that. He said that he knows it. We talked about Abraham and his sons and how his first son took the credit of his skills with his bow and arrow, for himself and would not give the Lord credit. But Issac knew all things came from the Lord and always gave Him credit. Jake really liked that story.

I felt inspired to promise him that if he acknowledges that his intellect and ability to learn is a gift from God and he always gives the Lord that credit, that in times when he is struggling with learning something knew he will always be able to ask the Lord for help and KNOW that that help will come.

I feel like that is SUCH an important thing to learn! Isn't EVERYTHING we have and EVERYTHING we are able to do an absolute gift from the Lord?! How great is that?! What a great sign of love from our Father!

Now this little munchkin can not get enough of school! She is hilarious! This was her first FULL day of school. She heads to Preschool at Hailey Elementary at 8 in the morning. The bus picks her up there at 11am and takes her to Woodside Elementary for her Developmental Preschool, then brings her home to me at about 2:15pm.

It is a big day for her, and she does it everyday, but she couldn't be more thrilled!

Socially Mal struggles a bit, with kids her age. When I walked her into class and saw these two little girls squeal when they saw her, run to grab her hands and immediately they started a game of Ring Around The Rosie. It made my heart swell! I love those little girls for being able to see the greatness in Mallory, instead of the difficulty. There are a lot of kids her age that are beginning to pick up on it, and it is hard to see. However, there are a million things about Mallory that will win anyone over, if they give her the chance!

I love this sassy little stinker!


Gear Gang said...

Your kiddos are pretty dang awesome. I am so excited and really look forward to taking them in November. Yea!!! It is going to be great

Deila said...

Great thoughts and photos--such a memory at your front door there. I enjoyed your story of Abraham and the great teaching moment with your son. Thanks for your comments on my blog at MMB, it was very touching to share such a sacred experience. Thanks--it boosts my spirits as well.