Monday, August 9, 2010

One CrAzY Week

On our way home from Utah last week I snagged Mason & Tyler. Jake's cousins that are his age. What ensued was one seriously fun and crazy week!

This is Mason.

My Jake, of course.

And Tyler.

First stop....Alturus Lake! WE LOVE THIS PLACE!

Michelle's friend Heather showed up with her boat and the boys were super excited about it!

We threw out the plane board and the boys had their first ever experience with "water skiing".

Yes, this activity contributes to my name being in the running for "Favorite Aunt"!
Mason later told me that Water Skiing is now his favorite outdoor activity!

Here he is in action......

Tyler, who had never even been on a boat, LOVED skiing! I mean, look at that face!

He did such a great job!

The boys hear the horn and come running for our next stop!

I had an errand to run at Ryan's Shop. So we headed there for the boys to play basketball and with the palet jacks!

Oh, we LOVE the YMCA here! So much fun! The boys swam here about 4 times and once at the Blaine County Pool! SO Fun!

The boys were plenty wild and had a blast! Mallory decided her time was best spent at the kid center at the Y. She LOVES it in there!

One of the day Ryan took all 4 kids rock climbing.

A total hit! Even Mal did a little climbing!

I remember growing up and having my brother pleading with my Mom to make me leave him and his friends alone. I mean, little sisters can be such a drag!

I was impressed with the boys! The entire week included Mallory in everything. Everywhere they went Mason held her hand and was extra sweet to her.

She absolutely loves him!

The boys were always kind to her. She loves them all so much!

We roasted hot dogs and s'mores.

Tyler pounded 6 stinking hot dogs! Wow! That kid can tank some serious food!

Playing BANG with Ryan. I was involved at first, but they killed me off. Little buggers!

There was golfing, pizza, movies, video games and more! It was so much fun for all of us!

When Jared stopped to pick up the boys Jake gladly jumped ship and headed to Utah for another week of fun! I will be headed that way this week at some point to drag him back home!

Until then....Mallory will enjoy her first ever just Mom & Dad time! Spoiled little stinker!


Just Us said...

You win. You are Aunt of the year for sure.

MyR said...

Can you be MY aunt for a week? PLEEEEEEASE???

Gear Gang said...

So why don't you come get my kids and take them sept. 9th-12th while we run the Red Rock Relay :)!!

And before you say no....remember who will be watching your kids in November. Tee Hee Hee! hows that for manipulation.

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

DEAL! I will totally do it! Do you want me to just come and stay at your house for the weekend? That would be better than bringing them here and then back down again. Plus Carter might be happier in his own place!

Let me know! I guess I better email you! :)