Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life At Wood River

Oh how I loved Wood River! LOVED IT!

It is Magical!

Magical I Say!

Look what let us get super close to it.....

The kids did a fair amount of checking it out and it did a fair amount of checking them out!

Back to the magical!
I love this tree! It looks like it is straight out of a fairytale!

Can you see Mal clear back in the trees? She had so much fun driving her little Barbie truck all over the place! We were almost the only ones in the whole campground for 10 days! We loved it! We did lots of hikes, exploring and plenty of relaxing! 

We hope to find ourselves there again very soon!  


Brian and Kayla said...

Yeah, Amy, I'm pretty sure that fairy tale-looking tree is what Shrek lives in... :o) -brian

Paul & Kaytie said...

What a fun adventure! While my parents were building their home we did a similar thing by living in an RV and campground in Logan. I have a lot of fun memories from that summer. Your kids are so lucky to have such fun parents.

jill said...

ok, you guys need to make your way up to washington...we have some camp sites up here that would really blow your mind!!

Looks like a blast, your kiddos will have such great memories of this!

Oliphant Family said...

ok here is our blog, Looks like fun in the woods!

Amber Shimp! said...

I love how adventurous yall are being!

Just Us said...