Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Trip to the ER...not for the faint of heart. AKA...Shalece Beck, close your eyes!

Today, while putting away the video camera, I bumped that pesky metal bar that is completely unused in Ryan's office closet. sweet Mally was at my feet. Crawling on the floor. I am sure being her normal "Puppy" self.

I heard the pipe hit the ground. My heart dropped when Mal said, OW! and started to cry. When I saw the gaping finger and all of the blood...I cussed. Yep! CUSSED! Lisa is my witness. We were on the phone. Then quickly off as I ran for papertowel. My EMT side kicked in and panic quickly had no room in me. I called Ryan and told him to come back home so we could run to the hospital. He was just home for lunch. He was back in a couple of minutes.

Mal & I said a prayer. She had stopped crying and was being so brave. We asked Heavenly Father to help her be brave while the doctors looked at her cut and put stitches in it. She didn't shed another tear the entire day.

30 minutes later we finally pulled into the hospital. Mal settled into her hospital bed like it was her second home....which it was. She saw the computer on the wall and asked if we were going to look at her bones and her brain....oh, the mind of a preemie twin accustomed to regular views of her heart & brain.

This look on her face reminds me of one that I saw when she was MUCH smaller. Like 2 lbs kinda smaller. It was when I saw that she looked MUCH like my Great Grandma Fenton and my Grandma Atkinson. She totally does. Lucky girl!

Luckily the pole landed perfectly. The cut was to the bone. Had it been horizontal, I am afraid she would be without a finger. Had it been on the top of her hand, we would have been in surgery for tendon repair and worrying about the loss of blood!

They numbed up her little finger and we washed it out at the sink. By the time the doctor came in to check tendons he said that the swelling was quite a bit. Stitches were not needed. They would likely burst with the swelling. However, tendons were just fine so we were going to make it out of there with a few steri-strips and a splint.

Mal has had a few surgeries, a heart, 2 brain & an eye surgery, to be exact. However, this would be our first real injury. So sad! I wanted to cuddle her for the rest of the day! At the hospital she asked if she could just, "Go sleep on her daddy". Oh she melts my heart!
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Rideout Family said...

Okay now I know, sorry for pestering you on facebook. I wanted to know what caused that injury. Brave little girl.

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

Jeni! You could NEVER pester me! Just so you know! I LOVE to hear from you!

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

I had to scroll really fast past those pictures! So scary! Glad it all turned out okay!

Kyle and Serene Hardy said...

Oh my gosh, that is a bad cut! You are lucky that it hit the way it did! She is so tough and such a sweetie. Glad she is okay!

Brian and Kayla said...

Yikes! Poor Mallory. You should tell her when I was her age I stepped on a fish-hook (though my injury was not that bad looking, and I probably cried a whole lot more than she did). But maybe she'll find it interesting that Aunt Kayla had to go to the Dr. too. I miss you guys. Give her a hug for us and tell her she is one brave girl!

Kristin and Jay said...

I think you have more than one faint of heart friends. UGH!! I didn't even look I read the first paragraph until the picture and then scrolled through SUPER fast to the last paragraph. I hope there wasn't one in the middle, cuz I won't be able to read it =) HAHA!
Sad sad sad!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love love love that hair! It has bewitched me body and soul. It is so like her and perfect for her.
Grandma Lindstrom

Saundra said...

Ow ow ow ow!!! She is so brave! Jackson was very enthralled with these pictures and asked me over and over exactly how the accident happened. I kept saying, "Honey, all I know is what I am reading here."

I loved your haircut story. I laughed and laughed and then I read it to Wes and laughed and laughed some more. Oh, the joys of being a mom.

Also, love your lines from Pride and Prejudice. Love that movie.

MOM SALZ said...

She does look alot like Grandma Fenton and Grandma Atkinson. However, I have to say when I first saw that picture of Mallory I thought of the picture you posted of yourself back on August 19, 2005....the one where the doctor is talking to you. I think the subheading is something like "ok, we're back with pictures..." There is such a resemblance between you and Mallory too! Bless her heart. I hope it is doing okay and not bothering her too much. I bet that was so hard for you too. It's so hard for a mom to have to watch her child in fear and pain. I'm so glad you were able to help her so well without panic. I think when you sliced your foot open I turned inside out. Thank goodness your calm, future EMT, dad was there that day.

I look forward to seeing you in just a couple of days!

Love you,

Gear Gang said...

Oh my, I missed this post. I was wondering what ever came of the quick hang up. I never would've imagined it to be so terrible.

My sweet Mally, you are so brave. I am so proud of you and miss you like crazy.

Aunt Lisa

Norris Fam said...

I don't really consider myself "faint of heart" but those pictures till made me want to hurl. Poor Mallory! Even though I'm so slow reading this post that she's probably completely healed by now:)

Jake's party looked like a blast. You're such a great mom Amy Lindstrom!

Hardy Party said...

Oh so sad... Give Mal a big hug from us. I hope all is well with her tiny little finger.