Thursday, April 1, 2010


Ryan is in the process of finishing his medical stuff so he can get going on his pilot's license. Well, since Dan Norris just happens to be his sleep doctor, you didn't hear any complaints from a single one of us when Ryan announced he needs to go to Vegas to do a 3 day sleep study....especially when the timing of said test just so happened to fall on the same weekend as JOHN MAYER's concert in Vegas! Nope, not a murmur to be heard...from any of us!

So, last Thursday we packed our bags, yet again, jumped in the truck and made the 10 hour trek. Not a bad drive really. Arriving to lots of love from the Norris's made it all totally worth it!

On Friday morning we decided to head to Chuck E Cheeses while the Norris girls were at school and Dan & Carrie at work.

I believe this would be our official family picture! SO US! CrAzY Eyes and all!

Me and my girlie!

Mal loves playing the games. I mean, who wouldn't love "Whack-a-Shark"?!

However, the highlight for every kids is finding a game that dishes the tickets! With a mere 400 tickets you can get something as amazing as an Airhead! NICE! Nothing like a $20 Airhead!

Jake likes the tickets too! I like that he has really come into this whole posing face thing! Proves he is a total Lindstrom....I mean, other than the fact that he is the image of his father in every possible way!

Mal, after our adventures in Disneyland, was finally brave enough to ride in "Chuck's" car. I can't believe this thing used to scare the heck out of her!

Ryan even got in on the action! He is such a poser!

Friday night was date night. The kids were left with Carrie's baby sitter and we headed to the Las Vegas Temple then dinner at Pei Wei with Dan & Carrie!

On Saturday we made our way to the Strip. Bellagio, that is. Remember when I posted the lobby of the Bellagio just a couple of weeks ago? Well, this time it was a gardenish theme. It was unbelievable! Totally amazing to see! You really need to click on the collage above so you can check the detail of the place! The bees, ladybugs, etc were made out of flowers. All of it was totally amazing! I want it in my back yard!

I LOVE this picture! We waited a few minutes for the Bellagio fountain show.

This is a weak picture in comparison to how BIG and amazing this fountain show really is. It is set to music and so beautiful! Mal is a water fountain type of girl, she gets that from her Grandma L., she could watch this all day long! She kept saying, "Oh ooooo oooo! It's so beautiful!" And it was!

Next stop, our favorite McDonalds in Boulder City for an ice cream. Then we dropped the kids off with Dan. Then Ryan and I set out for our much anticipated date night!

Ryan got us amazing seats! I just wish I would have taken my normal camera. My phone camera didn't do the whole thing justice. Darn it!

John M. gets a pretty bad wrap in the media, and admittedly he says and does things he shouldn't, but there is NO DENYING his talent! We loved sitting close enough to watch his hands as he played the guitar. My hubby, being a bit of a genius on the guitar, really enjoyed that. I think we could both listen to him all day! Everyday. AND he is really a nice guy in concert. Super appreciative and grateful for all of his fans. He's genuine. We like that about him.  

Some favorites from the concert:
Neon (Accoustic)
Where The Light Is
Free Fallin
Heartbreak Warfare

I was a little bummed that he didn't sing "Edge of Desire". However, I found this video and it totally made up for it! So, I am going to share it with all of you. This is my current favorite of his! Sit back for 5 min and ENJOY!


Christensen family said...

FUN, Fun, fun! I love the kids ticket stash! Your blog about Grandpa Hardy was very Tender! And Disney sure was a hit! I Think about you and your famiy often!!!

Lindsey said...

I am so happy to see you guys having such a fun vacay! You gotta love those Chuck E. Cheese photo booths. And I really think that Jake might very well be the next Jim Carrey. The facial expressions that kid can pull are priceless! I love it!

Norris Fam said...

I'm so glad you guys got to go. And I'm glad Ryan let you sit by him in the "good" seats.

I feel so lucky to have seen you guys so much lately...I've been spoiled. Now I'm going to go through withdraws :(

How did Mallory's hair turn out?

Kristin and Jay said...

K so in the first picture Ryan TOTALLY looks like know like from "Ernest Goes to Jail". HAHAHA! HILARIOUS!

Hardy Party said...

Wow that looks like fun. I wish I could go... :-( We love you all. I love that post on Grandpa Hardy...