Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A month or so ago my Grandpa Hardy was diagnosed with Cancer. Between his kidney's and his heart, his body just doesn't have what it would need to fight it. It is almost impossible to process!
My Grandpa is one of the strongest men I know. I mean, he is a HARD worker! Always has been! I guess that left us all feeling like he was pretty invincible. My cousin Bonnie said it best when she said something along the lines of thinking Grandpa would arrive at 100 with the utmost ease.

Well, he is 77 and he will give it all he can. For now, we get the great opportunity to just celebrate the heck out of him! We all love him so much!
This last weekend me and the kids stopped by to see Grandma and Grandpa. It was a fun visit. I love just sitting and talking to these two! They always make me laugh.

Later that night my sister Shalise, her hubby Devin and their new baby Brooklyn came into town from Iowa. At about 10pm we were headed to Grandma & Grandpa's yet again to see if we could catch up with them for a bit.

We arrived to find that my Dad & Sondi had just pulled into town. After Shalise got there, my little brother Kyle, his wife Serene and their little boy Brig showed up. Then Uncle Marvin and Aunt Marsha!

We ended up with a nearly full blown, unintentional HARDY PARTY! Which is the best party of all! If you have ever been to a Hardy Party, you KNOW it is an event not to miss! More laughing and fun than should be legal! :) We laugh at EVERYTHING when we are together! Poor Grandpa. He finally gave up and headed to bed at quarter to midnight! Apparently he WAS the party, because when he left, the rest of us filtered out too!

This is one of my cute nieces. Meet Brooklyn. She is BEAUTIFUL! It makes me sad to think she is all the way in IOWA! I guess I am going to make a trip there soon. I will have to! There is not much choice in the matter! :)

Uncle Ryan might just accompany me. She liked him. He liked her. Yep, I do believe I will have to drag him to Iowa with me!

I LOVE this picture! I know Shalise will too. Shalise was having a hard time with getting the full weight of the news on Grandpa's health. I love that you can SEE his love for her in this picture. That is how he is with all of us. There is not a trip to Grandma's, even when you come twice in one day, when you are not greeted with a huge hug and a kiss from Grandma & Grandpa. I love that!

Grandpa lovin on little Brooky!

Now this, my friends, will be priceless to us Hardy's. When we were growing up we minded Grandpa. We had to. Otherwise, he would shout out "HEY" and quickly follow up with a firm word or two. We cried. It scared the crud out of us.

Over the years, I am quite sure it has everything to do with my brother Kyle, that shout has become endearing. Poor Grandpa, at one point he packed such a wallup with that yell, but now....well....nothing brings on the laughter more than Grandpa shouting about something!

I believe it had to do with Kyle because I don't think there was ever a day it scared him. I am pretty sure he always thought it was funny. Well, as Kyle became an adult his laugh was more contagious than ever. Before long we ALL laughed when Grandpa shouted. It is really pretty funny! Grandpa is a big man. With a big voice, and the poor thing couldn't scare a flee anymore! But he tries, and we all love when he does!

I was thrilled to catch him on video teasing Brigham, Kyle's boy, using his big voice. So funny!
Sorry the video is so dark.

Now, for a little more about my FABULOUS Grandparents, jump over to YourLifeUncommon and ready about my amazing Grandma Hardy. She is this weeks "Inspirational Woman".



Anonymous said...

It is amazing how much that man is loved...The video is awesome! Totally busted a gut!

Norris Fam said...

I love Grandpas! I'm glad he's surrounded by so much love that's the best way to get feeling better :)