Monday, April 5, 2010


For those of you that have known me for a long time, you have known my woes with hair. From the much to high bangs to the wings, then onto accidentally orange and YIKES SHE'S GRAY...and then Platinum or Cherry Coke. How about a shaved widow's peak....yeah, that was certainly a low point!

I don't have great luck with hair. In the last 12 years anytime I speak about change Ryan has a sort of twitching reaction. He wants to support me, but knows it could be good or REALLY REALLY bad. Embarrassingly bad even.

So, now I have posterity in which to inflict my bad do it yourself judgement upon. Oh sad, sad day!

The unsuspecting victim: Mallory Kayla. She is showering. Her hair flowing downward to the very bottom of her back. I think...."HEY! I bet she would look really cute with an A-Line Bob! Surely there is a DIY video online I could watch while she showers!"

Nearly 30 min later a call was placed, "Shalece", I said nearly in tears. "I really need you!"

"What do you need" she responded with an urgent sort of 'you know I am here for whatever you need whenever you need it' sort of tone.

"Well, I thought Mal would look cute with an A-Line Bob, so I watched a video online and then went for it. It's not good."

"No you didn't!" She replied.
"Yes, I did" I admitted. 
"NO...YOU DIDN'T" She insisted. 
"Yes I did", I choked. 

"Do you need to bring her out here right now." 
"Alright, come on out."

45 min later, Diet Coke and Sweet Potato fries in hand as an offering, Shalece surveyed my damage. Then she told me NEVER NEVER NEVER to do it again.

And I won't......unless I do.
Oh darn me and my stubborn hard headed-ness!

Can I just say that in the end I couldn't be more grateful for a friend that worked hard when I left her not much to work with?! 
Now my Mally has her little Bob. She loves it. She loves that it takes NO TIME to brush out and totally doesn't hurt. I love that it is a cute cut and that Shalece is a life saver! 

{The Front}

{The Side}

{The back}

Dear Mallory,

Next time....SCREAM NO! Don't be so sweet, trusting and willing. And above all....when you enter the tender years of Jr. High, if Mom wields my darling...RUN!

Ever flawed,
Your Mommy


Jelina said...

That is so great! Love it! And, though, I LOVED Mal's long hair...this is cute! A whole new little girl.

Norris Fam said...

So cute! It makes her look older...

Thank goodness for Shalece! She is truly a miracle worker (wish her happy birthday for me will ya)!

Richins Family said...

that is such a great story :) she is darling no matter what! i'm impressed you'd even dare try so good job on being brave! bottom line it is a funny story and she looks cute as ever so no real harm done :)

Kristin and Jay said...

haha! Funny post!!! I still CANNOT believe you tried it yourself. But hey! If you want to try it again sometime, I can give a mean mullet =)!! hah!

Oliphant Family said...

She is such a doll! She looks so proud!

Salisbury Family said...

tee hee hee! From one DIYer to another...that's pretty funny!

Brian and Kayla said...

Oh Amy. I love you. I remember when you cut Rachel and Tyrel's hair. haha. Her hair is adorable. The shot from the back TOTALLY looks like you! Her hair is thicker than I imagined!

Kyle and Serene Hardy said...

You crack me up Amy! What a sweet little gal, to be so trusting of you...with a pair of scissors in you hands. Her hair is really cute though!!

Amy said...

I am really loving her hair today...for the record. I mean I have since my dear Shalece rescued it. She really is a miracle worker. But today....Ah, so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I totally totally totally love it and I'm not exaggerating. She is so cute and it fits her more bubbly and bouncy personality. Keep it short. It is so HER!'

P.S. Oh,I loved it on Ryan and Jake, laughed right out loud, which is good for me right now.
Love, Lynne

Michelle said...

HICCUP...that was SOOOOO funny. Thank you Mallory, for taking one for the team so that I could have a good belly laugh today. I needed it. I really did. Your mama is hilarious.

Frischknecht Fam said...

Love the story, and I LOVE the hair.