Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amy's Scissors Strike AGAIN....Mwah ha ha

The positive comments about Mallory's hair were so overwhelming, I decided to hold Ryan down and give him the same haircut as Mallory....

He wasn't happy.

I think it is AWESOME!

So it has become the family trademark! Kinda like the Coneheads...but hair.
Jake is excited!

Ah Photoshop, how you entertain me!

*Disclaimer: The above idea came straight out of the sick and twisted mind of Jeni Rideout. To know her is to love her! And boy do I love her!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it. I laugh out loud everytime I see it. You can check my comment about Mally's hair on her pictures. I love it. It is so her - bouncy and bubbly.

Anyway - Love in on Ryan and Jake,

Rideout Family said...

Hahahahahaha! You did it. I love it. So funny. Now it's your turn. I think maybe your Christmas cards this year you should all be sporting this hair do. You crack me up.