Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spines through Skulls....yep, it's that dramatic!

A bit behind, I know. However, I just had a post about our fun Thanksgiving weekend.

This year Jared & Jana and their kids (Tyler, Olivia & Brady) and Logan & Jasmine (and Noah) were our only guests. With Jeff being a Bishop at BYU, He and Lynne needed to stay in Utah to provide Thanksgiving for the kids that needed a place to go. Ryan's other siblings were either with their in laws, working, or very prego and couldn't risk the travel! (Congrats Kevin & Anna! Can't wait to see sweet little Cloey!)

The numbers being a bit smaller allowed for a LOT of relaxing! It was quite fun!

Thanksgiving dinner was so yummy! One of my favorites, I would have to say. We made far to many pies, but hey...that's the best part right?! :)

Olivia is Eight years old. Can I just say this weekend was as amazing as it was because of her! She had Mallory and Brady moving from one thing to the next. She played and played with them. Mallory now names all of her toys Olivia and still talks about Olivia sleeping in her room with her! They colored, built huts, played "puppies", played with dolls, made menu's for all of Mallory's play food and played BEATTLES ROCKBAND! Pretty funny!

Why do they look so guilty?! Maybe it is because of the entire box of fruit snacks and granola bars they devoured and just stashed the box so they wouldn't get caught.....yeah right!

Tyler and Jake pretty much assumed this position the majority of the time. THANK GOODNESS for a tv tucked upstairs in a corner. They had a blast!

It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving in Sun Valley without FREEZING temps! It was cold, but that didn't stop the kids from hitting the hot tub!

Elly wanted in too! I don't blame her! Too bad! No dogs in the hot tub sister!

Jared kept a watchful eye over the kids while enjoying the heat of the fire. I am pretty sure it's REAL purpose involved marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers!

What's a post without a "CHEESE" from Jaz! And yes, we did still make time for Survivor! :)

We played games, built a puzzle, swam at the YMCA, slept in, relaxed, ate pie and much more. However, the one thing that was both the high and lowlight of the entire weekend was this......

This is Rotarun. It is the ski hill right across the street from our house. This picture does a little more justice to the steep-ness of this hill than the rest do. Why would this be significant?

Well, if you will notice, the is a picture from the top of that hill, looking back at our house. (Farthest left building clear back there at the bottom of the hill.)

WHO would have been crazy enough to HIKE to the top of this beast, dragging sleds behind them?

Oh, just Jared......

and Ryan!

WHY OH WHY does he do these things only at a time when I am burried in the kitchen and completely unaware of the insanity going on just across the street from my house?! I would have been there! I would have laughed my head off! I am sure of it! However, thank you Ryan for packing the camera to the top with you for some still shots and thinking to take the video camera out to document Jared's descent!

By the way, there isn't a sound I enjoy more than a man screaming! I don't know why! It kills me everytime!

Listen closely as Jared starts coming down the mountain, then again as he notices a bump that he is about to hit that would propel him {EIGHTEEN} feet through the air! He paced it off. Sled marks...bump....18 feet without sled marks....sled marks again!

Definately a highlight! However, the down side....we spent the rest of the weekend listening to the two of them whine about headaches, backaches, body aches, "spines almost shoved through [their] skulls".

Still, pretty stinking funny when you consider it is pretty much raw mountain with just a mere inch or two of snow on it! Ha! Not much to soften the blow of the bumps all the way down!


Brian and Kayla said...

Haha. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! I loved Thanksgiving when it was at your house a couple of years ago. You're a great host Aim!

Lombardo Family said...

So. Dang. Hilarious! Love the fun you guys have. Ryan says you may be able to swing by while you're down for Christmas. I sure hope so!