Friday, December 11, 2009

Let's Get This Baby Caught Up....SHALL WE?!

There is MUCH that I have neglected to post. What do you say to doing a VERY quick run through?

One of the problems I have, as of late, is that I don't have a stinking camera! Mine kicked the bucket. Oh, I thought that adopting Ryan's as my own would work wonders...that is, until I take pictures and the darn thing disappears for weeks, then after much begging a pleading for it's return, it comes back FILLED with pictures of Boilers, Furnaces and Snowmelt Tubing... BORING!


So, just a bundle of things that I found on the Harris Dudley Camera Memory card that we have been doing over the last couple of months.....

I tend to take a lot of pictures of Mal's cute hair. I am in LOVE with this BLOG. Cute hairstyles for girls....YEP! I'd say so!

I would be depriving you of a good chuckle if I didn't post this picture! WHAT THE HECK! Is that a smile?!  It's like she took on part of Kevin Price (my friend Courtney's hubby) or something!

This fall Ryan, Jake, Logan and Floyd headed up the mountain for a few cords of wood. Nothing like the heat of a toasty fire! Ryan had a blast and now considers this a family tradition that we must carry out each year.

 All the watching the guys cut down trees, sitting by the fire to stay warm and hauling logs back to the truck wiped my poor boy out!

This fall Ryan, in a strange turn of events, decided to go hunting for the first time in like 7 years. He bought a tag for deer and elk and met up with his brothers Clint, Jared, Logan, His Dad and cousin Brandon around Bear Lake in Idaho. Jake and Mason (Clint's boy), had a blast together, and hiked their little tails off! If you ever have been on a Lindstrom death march you know that you are in for some SERIOUS hiking. Straight up. For hours!

My cute Father In Law. Oh how I love this guy!

Ryan came home so proud of Jake. He hiked 6 miles one morning. Almost straight up. Ryan said Jake did not complain once. It was freezing and it was hard, but not a peep of complaint.

Ryan scored when he was looking online at the area they would be hunting in and found these little ranger cabins all over the map! This one was right in their area and for just $30 or $40 a night, it was all theirs! TOTALLY made the trip when they had shelter from a wicked rain storm that came through. Tents would have been MISERABLE!

Have I told you that I have a crazy crush on that man?! Well, I do....I'm just sayin

Ryan came home without success. He spent the next few weeks hiking his tail off all over the mountains around here. Nothing! Bummer! We were hoping for a little jerky in the food storage. Next year maybe!

I think Ry really did enjoy all the hiking. We live in some seriously beautiful country!

And finally.....


I love it around here! The businesses all down main street open their doors for trick or treaters. There is a costume contest in the Liberty Stage Theatre, Haunted Houses along the route and a live band playing. WHAT FUN! Of course the night topped off by a stop at the Singletons for Pizza was a lot of fun too!

Dawson, who is quarantined as much as possible these days, sported the lion costume. We were trying to get friend Kara suggested McDreamy. Scrubs, Mask, and inside a cardboard box TV to keep the germs away! Totally a favorite idea! However, Ms. Elphaba took A LOT longer than expected. So, he burried his little face in the lion and made it free and clear of all sickness!

Jake's must have costume this year was Luigi! Pretty stinking cute! Noah was the cutest turtle I have ever seen. Mal as I said was Elphaba. That dress she is wearing is the dress I wore MANY times when I was younger. My mom made it. It was so fun to put it on Mal. Since she knows all the words to all of the songs on from WICKED we decided to paint her face green (which turned out EXTREMELY green) and Elphaba she became! Pretty fun!

So, that's our little catch up. I am sure there is more that will be peppered throughout the next month or so, or whenever I find the pictures! :) But, for now, I feel MUCH better about being a little more caught up! :)


Courtney Price said...

That is SUCH a Kevin smile. OMGsh.

Mal looks like 5 years older as Elphaba... why? I don't know! Too cute :)


Richins Family said...

I must tell you that I've missed reading your blog so I'm glad you posted today :) Ryan left me a comment on fb the other day saying you guys will be seeing my parents soon :) I'll be in town too! Can't wait to see your cute family!

Brian and Kayla said...

Look at Dawson! Hahaha. How cute. I agree with Courtney...they all look a lot older dressed up. I thought the turtle was Mallory at first. Funny how you forget that they grow. We can't wait to see you all! By the way, I still remember hiking with you on some hunt and you kept a lot. You sang Jewel and Eagles. I remember thinking your voice was so pretty. I even kept singing one line from the Eagles after that and I would try to match my voice to yours. Good memory with my sis.

Amy Lindstrom said...

Courtney, I know right?! TOTALLY KEVIN! It makes me laugh! Aw Kev! I even miss him! :) I need to come see you guys!

Kayla, you make me laugh! I remember hiking with you and singing. Coming down through a bunch of quakies, right?! I love that YOU tried to match your voice to MINE! Funny....I find myself trying to do the same with you now-a-days! SHEESH Mrs. Talent! Can't wait to see you and smooch that little Davie!

Norris Fam said...

I love Ryan's self portraits...that is some beautiful country you live in!

Maybe Santa will bring you a beautiful digital SLR for Christmas...just a suggestion!

Hardy Party said...

That smile on Mallory takes the cake. So cute... Love you all...