Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finally Finished...So I Can Get Started!

Since our twins were born in August of 2005 we have posted their progress, pictures and basically journaled our experience since then as we worked through some of the greatest trials we have been through, some of the best moments and just everyday goings on at the Lindstrom household! It has been SO much fun!

As the amount of people reading our blog began to grow I started having a lot of feelings about creating another site. One that is about some of the most important lessons I have learned over the last nearly 5 years. I feel like these experiences and lessons are not only mine to have. They are for me to share. To help others, where I can. When I was selected, for our blog, to go to Minneapolis for a General Mills program I began to realize the opportunity to reach other people through this outlet. Meeting some random person from California that says, "Oh yeah, I have read your blog. You have the twins right?!" Uh, that is a little humbling and alarming. :) And a LOT of fun!
So, with SO much input from my dear hubby and friends, we are finally ready to Launch the new site! It is called "Your Life Uncommon". It is all about developing a sense of self. Continually working to better yourself. Supporting others. Spreading hope to those in need of it. Finding happiness, even in the not so happy times in life! :) And having gratitude in every experience, good or not so good. It is a site that is directed mainly towards women. However, anyone that sees value in it is more than welcome to be part of it! In the next month Ryan will be wrapping up his work on the forum. THIS is what we hope will create a network of people sharing ideas, inspiration, experience, fun stuff, etc.

So, here is where you come in..... the most important part of all of this, obviously, is the people involved. That's you, your friends, family, neighbors, etc. We totally need your help to spread the word! Tell your family and friends about this, email a link to the site, whatever. When you are on the site scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter your email for updates on new posts and click the "Follow" button to also get updates.

There is a lot more info on the site about the details of the blog. Including some of the upcoming "projects" (lessons on Couponing, fun projects, challenges, organizing, etc.) There is also a video that I made for a talk I had the opportunity to give to a group of women in Jerome, ID. It is only about 5-6 min and is filled with pictures of the Twins from beginning until now.

So, let me give you the link already! :) Enough of all this talk, let's get on with it! :) Ha!

Thanks so much, all of you!
Oh and just so you know....this blog stays the exact same! I will continue to post a more personal view of our daily adventures, just like always. Now you get double of me....Oh my! Can you handle it?! :)

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Tana said...

So exited! loved everything so far, couldn't figure out how to post a comment. I can't wait to resume our morning chats at the "Coke store" love ya, T