Friday, October 30, 2009

{pink together} GIVEAWAY! Ends MONDAY!

Have you seen this EVERYWHERE? I hope so! Well, let me tell you a little about it, tell you about someone I love dearly, send you somewhere to make a difference and then giveaway a little fun to make it all that much more fun!

General Mills (remember when I went there) is an amazing company. I feel better everytime I buy one of their products. They are good GOOD people there! Check this out.....

 PINKTOGETHER.COM is a website for all of us! It is a place where we can give hope, share stories, and reach out to many MANY women that have been or are affected by Breast Cancer. Everyone can share hope by posting and reading inspiring stories of breast cancer survivors and supporters within the community.


The site is part of Pink Together®, a national campaign to support those impacted by breast cancer and to help raise awareness of the disease. To support Pink Together, General Mills is donating $2 million to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and is turning the packaging pink next month on an assortment of its most beloved brands. And this is where you come in! General Mills will also donate $1, up to $20,000, each time you post a comment of encouragement, send a virtual flower bouquet or share a story on in October.
In just a minute I will ask you to click on the link above and find yourself leaving a little love for someone. Check out the site. What a great network! Definately one of the things that leaves you believing there is MUCH good still in this world! Send a flower, leave a comment, whatever. Just show some love.
Before you head that way let me tell you about someone I love dearly.....

See that {BEAUTIFUL} little lady? That is my Grandma Atkinson. She is one of my best friends, and she says I am hers! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this woman! She is hilarious (Lisa and I got her to jump in the elevator the other day and skip down the hall with us at Ashley's wedding). She always makes me laugh. She says the "S" word when I can't come to see her and it makes me laugh hard everytime. She loves me completely. She is beautiful and always perfectly accessorized. She is the strongest woman I know. She is a mother to 3, Grandmother to 14, Great Grandmother to 12.  She is a SURVIVOR!

Around 10 years ago we found out that my grandma was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. With the surgery it was found that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. My grandma has always had a life full of health struggles. Her immune system was weak. We were scared.

Just after Chemo started I found out that I was expecting Jake. We had been trying for 2 and a half years. I couldn't wait to tell my grandma! I was due just as she would be finishing up her treatments. I was carrying a little extra motivation. My grandma loves grandbabies more than any other grandma I know!

When Jake was born, grandma came to the hospital. She had made it. Radiation was left and proved to be really rough, but she could do it. I knew it!

10 years later....She is still free from cancer. She is a fighter. She is a Survivor. She is a great example of perserverance! I LOVE that I have had 10 more years with her here with us!

That cute little guy with her is my sweet grandpa. Oh how I love him! Everyone that goes through so much NEEDS to have someone like him! What a great man!

Now, lets give you a little something and then send you to give a little something back to all of these women who are SO lifted by the encouragment of others! You must hurry. Leave a comment today and tomorrow and General Mills will donate $1. Then return often to help, love and support!

Here is how to enter......

Leave a comment about a woman that inspires you. It doesn't have to be breast cancer related. Just a woman that makes you want to be better everytime you are around her.

On Monday at 7 pm a winner will be selected by and your gift basket will be sent out lickety split!

  • A sleeved travel mug
  • A running ribbon charm bracelet
  • A pink leather strap keychain
  • A pink cinch bag
  • And a set of inspirational note cards

*All of the gift basket items are from, where 25 percent of the merchandise purchase price benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in the fight against breast cancer.

Alright, I SO can't wait to read your comments!


Rideout Family said...

My grandma. Seeing your Grandma makes me miss mine. I think our Grandma's would be friends. She passed away from lung cancer (never smoked a day in her life)and I think about her all the time. She was beautiful, she always smelled good, her lips even smelled good (pink chapstick), she was so kind to everyone and everyone loved her and she loved everyone. She supported me in everything I did. When I went on my mission she said she couldn't wait for our hug of all hugs when I would return home. She even made me a shirt that said "hug of all hugs" that I wore off the airplanne. Now I can't wait for our hug of all hugs when I get to see her again. I love her and she inspires me to be kind and loving to everyone just like she was and to smell good. haha.

Brian and Kayla said...

That was beautiful Amy! Brian has a very close friend that has been fighting breast cancer now for years. She is 50 I believe. She married her sweetheart at a very young age. The cancer has now spread to almost every part of her body. She remains very optimistic and never feels sorry for herself (at least in front of others!)She and her husband love to run marathons and a huge run was held in her honor in Denver not too long ago. She is a pretty neat lady and her son is one of Brian's best friends. We feel so blessed to know her! I'm excited that a little money can be donated by simply leaving this comment.

Kat said...

Oh Amy I love this! My Grandma is a breast cancer survivor and lost both breasts YEARS ago (I'll have to ask her what year that was). She moved in with my parents and I when I was in high school and I remember walking in on her once while she was getting changed and saw her bra with the fake boobs in it and her incredibly flat chest and that's the first time I realized she didn't have breasts. It took years before it sank in that she had breast cancer. I didn't hear much about cancer I guess as a college student but now everyone seems to know someone affected by some sort of cancer. It's scary and I'm amazed at the strength of so many beautiful people out there.

Salisbury Family said...

My grandma died 4 years before I was born of cancer. My mom used to tell me how much I would have loved her....she was so creative, and literary, and amazing like that...and she was only 20 minutes away from my parents.

I truly feel like I missed out on an amazing experience!

Megan said...

My oldest sister has been battling breast cancer (now spread beyond her breast) for five years. Despite her trials and the significant damage the cancer had done to her body, she's never lost her sense of humor. She has a gift for finding the funny in any situation!

Gear Gang said...

I to am inspired by Grandma. She is a fighter. I had a dream one night that we were at her funeral and she got out of her casket and came to eat with us at her funeral. I think it is because i am convinced she is invincible.

I am also inspired by my good friend Machelle's, mom, Paula, who passed away last year from a tough battle of breast cancer. She was always willing to help anyone out with anything. She didn't tell very many people about her cancer, she never wanted anyone to worry about her or not ask her for help because she was a cancer patient. She was so much fun, and lived her life to the fullest. She was an amazing women.

Jelina said...

My mom inspires me the most and always has! She is my very best friend. She is everything I have always wanted to be. She does not have cancer, thank heavens, but she lost her own mother to cancer when she was only 24 with 4 kids. She is also being the strong spouse of my own dad who is in the process of beating cancer right now. I love her and hope she is around for a very, very long time.

Rachel said...

Sure, there are many women in my life that are inspiring (and no offense amy) but i would have to pick my sister kayla. She is one of the strongest women i know. And thats not even counting the fact that she just gave birth last night (naturally!!!). She has been an example to me throughout my whole life. being able to grow up with her in the home, having her being one of my very best friends. She is soo strong in the gospel and is such an amazing person. I love her so much and her passion to keep trudging forward in life. She means alot to me.