Saturday, October 10, 2009

{friday's finds} Oh my YUM!

I'm sorry! Am I making you drip saliva all over your keyboard?!

So, while in Boise the other day for dentist, Mal's heart Doc, etc. We stopped in at Panda Express.

Now I great big puffy heart love Panda Express. Unfortunately, since last weeks "Eat out for everymeal" episode on THE BIGGEST LOSER all I could hear was Jillians profanities in my head as I purchased my beloved Orange chicken. I love Jill, but it got annoying! That was until I got to the cash register!

There sitting on a little pedestal...which is certainly where it belongs, was a purchase-able bottle of ORANGE CHICKEN SAUCE! Kung Pao was also there, but it was lost in the beams of light shooting out of the ORANGE CHICKEN SAUCE! Oh did I ever snatch that up!

So, last night was the trial run. I made up a knock off of the chow mein, fried rice and then (ANGELS SINGING) Orange Chicken.....on GRILLED chicken instead of the bready stuff.

Here is the deal. Anytime you can make something at home that you love to eat out, you get to see EXACTLY what is going into it. Thus making it easier to make an accounting! LOVE THAT!

The chow mein was a mixture of al dente Ramen noodles (seasoned a bit while cooking), heavy on the green cabbage, celery, onions and garlic. Then it was tossed with a bit of a corn starch mixture, soy sauce, a tsp of sugar, a splash of Teriyaki and some red pepper flakes for a kick.

The Rice was a couple of eggs, stirring to break them into crumbles, add onions, frozen peas and garlic. Toss in the previously cooked and chilled rice (to prevent too much sticking). Add a bit of soy sauce and a splash of teriyaki and VIOLA.

In the meantime I had put a few boneless skinless chicken breasts in the oven, in my magical Pampered Chef stoneware. I add a bit of water, covered and cooked at 325 for about an hour. When it was done I pulled it out, cut it into chunks, threw it in my wok and DROWNED it in the sauce. I let it cook for a bit to make sure the chicken and the sauce were good and "married". DELISH! And a whole lot more Jillian proof than the fried stuff!

Where to get the stuff....well, are you ever in luck! Check your local Panda Express. If you don't happen to find it.....COSTCO! Yep, Jasmine saw it in the Twin Falls Costco just yesterday. Like I always say, if you can find it in Twin, you can find it anywhere! We tend to be a little behind the times around here! We have a SHOPKO in our MALL for heavens sake! Sad!

Now for the "important" disclaimers, because, well, it's law now. From time to time I am sent free product and asked to review. This time....just a nice girl trying to share something I loved. I paid for it myself, I decided to share it by myself.

Alright, since you have been so patient with me and my way-to-many-things-needin-my-attention-right-now-life, hang around and on Monday I will give you the EASIEST, MOST DELISH, MOST IMPRESSIVE, MOST DIVINE dessert recipe....and you will love me for it. LOVE ME I SAY!

Until Monday.....


jill said...

I always see it there at panda express and wonder if it's really worth I know!!

thanks for the find!

oh, I am having a giveaway on my blog, and it ends today! go enter!

Alea said...

I've always said that all we need in Twin Falls is a WalMart & a Panda Express and then this will be the perfect place (Even though the mall has a shopko. All I need at the mall is a bath & body anyway!)... We're half way there! Anytime I go to Boise or Utah I HAVE TO GO to Panda and get orange chicken. Mmm...

Michelle said...

I'll have you know that I went right out and bought a bottle of said Orange Chicken Sauce (along with 2 LARGE orders of the real deal) after reading your post this afternoon. Yes, I'm a lucky girl, there is a Panda Express on Maui. Bless you for sharing your sweet finds with the rest of us. Curse you for helping me gain 5 pounds in one night. tee hee.

Hardy Party said...

That sounds really good. I made my own version of a healthy choice orange chicken bowl with rice and broccoli today. I decided I could do better than they did. It was really good.