Thursday, September 24, 2009

{friday's finds} Cleanin' the House

Before we begin, let's just get the formalities out of the way, shall we?

This product review was based on using a complimentary Swiffer Wet Jet provided by P&G. P&G does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements or product claims made here, nor does in endorese any opinions expressed within this blogsite.

Alright, now that we've got that straight, let's move on......

On a not so great for me day this week I arrived downstairs to find an enormous box. Inside...a HUGE black case, which I have dared Ryan to use at church as his brief case! I can HEAR Ben Petzinger bustin up already! You should see this thing!

Honestly, what could it be?! I began to unlatch and raise the lid when my eyes were greeted by a brand new Swiffer Wet Jet and some other jewels including no less than a new pair of sun glasses, a magnifying glass, a jar of jelly and voice coming from no where in a very "Mission Impossible" voice giving me the low down on what I was to do with it all.

The directions said I should spill jelly on the floor and let it dry! WHAT?! Alrighty then! If you insist mystery man.

I have to say that the packaging was clever and totally made me smile...a much needed smile. Thanks Swiffer!

It came time to put this thing to work, which I was excited about because I love anything that makes life simpler AND cleaner, plus my Sis in Law, the Lovely Jasmine, told me that she absolutely LOVED her Wet Jet. For the most part I was surely not disappointed.

Why only for the most part, you ask. Well, because my entire downstairs is a VERY dark wood floor! I have yet to find anything that doesn't leave just a slight cloudy filmish stuff. However, I won't fault the Wet Jet entirely on this one. It could be old residue from other cleaners, or because my floor is a NIGHTMARE! All I know is that when I was done and I looked at the pad and all that this baby had picked up I wanted to first slap my wrist and tell me how nasty it is that my floor EVER was allowed to look like that and two, praise this sweet little invention that made my floor cleaner in no time!

I must say that when I went to work on the tile in my upstairs bathrooms I was WAY more excited! Worked like a charm and seriously, SO fast! I am all about that! So here is the better news......

See that orange bottle back there? That stuff is ANTI BACTERIAL! LOVE IT! So getting used in my bathrooms! You can manuever that little puppy around any tight corner or angle.

Overall, I was pretty happy! This little Swiffer made itself a permanent home in my laundry room upstairs! My bathroom will be singin it's praises for a long time to come!

So, if you have ever walked past these in the store, or seen a commercial for them on TV now you know, they ARE a great little investment! At least in my opinion.

Now, I know I have left you all without my comanionship for a couple of weeks, but bear with me through this weekend. We are making a lightning fast jaunt to Utah and back and then I am going to be showing you a WHOLE lot of exciting things! Just you wait!


Gear Gang said...

Thank you, Thank you!! I am going to get one of these!!!

Collin & Elizabeth said...

I keep checking back to see these "exciting things" you talk of....STILL waiting....LOVE YA! muah

Kara said...

I found a mop called a "quickie" (yes sometimes a quickie is enough.) haha Anyway it is a mop with like a removable dish rag on the top and then you keep ringing it out with murphys oil soap and water. I do that on my wood floors and it works great. Just thought I would let you know what has worked for me and my giant wood floor=)

Lindsey said...

I have to admit that I have always been very curious about these. However the only thing that has kept me from buying it is that I feel like it's not worth it to have to buy the Swiffer pads and Swiffer cleaner. Are they reasonably priced, do you know?

Kristin and Jay said...
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