Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PENNY PINCHING ME...and pre-warning for a SUPER short SWEET GiVeAwAy!

Feeling a little extra this lately?......

ME TOO! Until now!
I have heard a million things about people saving TONS of cash-ola at the stores by coupling sales ads and coupons. I have been interested, but lacked the time. So I continued to spend WAY TOO MUCH and say, "SOMEDAY".


Today I bought (with food storage also in mind, mind you).....
(4) Boxes of Cereal
(1) Gallon of Milk
(8) Bottles of A1 (a must have for food storage. I could drink it with a straw!)
(7) DiGiorno Flatbread Pizzas
(8) Large packages of Jello/Pudding
6 lbs. of Chicken
a 12 pack of toilet paper

How much did I spend, you ask? Oh just a mere

That's right! THEY paid ME one dollar for all that stuff! MWAH HA HA HA CACKLE CACKLE CACKLE!

Uh Hem.....Excuse me.....that won't happen again. Unless it does!

Now that I have reigned in my pride let me direct you to THIS. That friends is the link to the beginning of my madness. Krazy Coupon Lady! One smart Mama I tell you! Everything you need to know about how to pair sales and coupons is all right there! You MUST visit the "10 Days" link if you want the step by step approach.

As a disclaimer I will tell you that I didn't do anything illegal. Just "SMART" the cashier told me. A teenage boy mind you, he admired my thrift gift as I handed over $13.03, he told me I saved $39.76, and then handed me another coupon for a $20 rebate! There were 4 transactions like this. All somewhat the same. All in all.....when rebates are returned.....they will have paid me, WAIT! Did I mention that already? Silly me! I am a bit excited! GAME ON! I can't wait for next week!

So, if you have stuck in through all of my bragging....shame on me! You now are privy to a special bit of information!

Kroger grocery stores are having a Mega Savings Event! Tomorrow I make the trip to the nearest store....over an hour and a half away (with all 3 kids...and doctors appointments....wish me luck!) PepsiCo., General Mills & My Blog Spark just sent me a $30 gift card. My mission: See how much I can save. What can I get with just $30?! Considering what I got with -1....I am thinking a LOT!

So, if you have made it to this point you are in luck! Tomorrow when I get home from my little escapade I will post all about how much I saved. THEN, and this is the best part, THEN my friends there will be a SUPER short drawing! On THURSDAY, August 20 @ noon I will announce one of you as the winner of a $30 KROGER GIFT CARD (thank you PepsiCo, General Mills & MyBlogSpark) JUST FOR YOU TO EXPERIENCE THE THRILL OF PENNY PINCHING ON SOMEONE ELSE'S PENNY! WOO HOO!

Alright, stay tuned! You have just until about tomorrow at 7pm before the post will be made and you can enter! Random.org will select the winner just 17 hours after the madness begins! Spread the word....or don't and up your chances of being the winner! :) WHATEVER!



Megan said...

That's awesome. I'd love to be a super coupon shopper, but when you live in a tiny town with one little grocery store (and no other grocery stores nearby) it makes working the coupons a little tricky. Have fun shopping tomorrow!

Brenda said...

Wow, that is awesome Amy! The most I have ever saved was about 50% off my total with coupons. I can't wait to hear how your trip goes :)

Kara said...

Im not sure what kroger store you go to but if you go here http://shortcuts.com/category/all you can load coupons right on to your stores card. Like I had smiths kroger and I would load coupons and then they automatically come off at checkout. Good luck shopping.

MOM said...

Good job Amy. I just got back from Smith's (Kroger to you) with four big boxes of cereal for which I paid fifty cents! A little over a dime a box. Gotta love it!

I also bought some Keebler cookies, crackers, etc for about fifty cents a box. I won't have to buy after school snacks for a long time!

Norris Fam said...

I don't even think I'm going to enter your drawing because I never win :)

How the heck are ya??? Did Ryan and Jake have a good time?

Candise said...

When I grow up I am going to learn to use coupons...

Ruthann Bales said...

Love your blog... thanks for the soap recipe!!

Rideout Family said...

I want to learn to be a penny pincher!

Lombardo Family said...

Okay, so I must be a real dumbo in this area, because I just don't understand the whole coupone savings. I do use coupons, but I don't think I use them the smartest way. I need a class to teach me how to use coupons. Am I dumb or what? Maybe you could come down and teach a class since you've obviously mastered how to have them pay you instead. AMazing!

atki family said...

Thanks Amy Love the great information!!