Wednesday, August 19, 2009

$30 GROCERY GIFT CARD UP FOR GRABS! Come one, come all. This baby ends tomorrow @ Noon!

WELP....I am back and I survived!The kids did splendidly, by the way! They are all in good health and growing perfectly. There isn't a park worth really visiting in all of Twin Falls....but hey! We made do with what we had!

So, the tally is in! In the last 2 days I have brought home over $270 worth of groceries and you wanna know how much money has come out of my pocket? You do don't you! Well, with much thanks to the $30 gift card, in the last day only $8.67 is missing from my wallet!

Did you catch that?! $270 in groceries and I only spent $8.67! Needless to say, my hubby is beaming with pride and I am sure loves me more today! Pushaw! As if that was possible!

Today I hit the Twin Falls Smiths where they are having their "Mega Savings Event". I walked away with:
(10) boxes of cereal
(10) boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks
(10) boxes of a variety of granola bars...Fiber One took the majority.

The total bill, between the sales and my coupons came to $39.67. Enter the gift card and $9.67 from me and then subtract the dollar I made yesterday and you have my winning total! Awesome!

My only complaint would be about the Smiths in Twin. I could not for the life of me find anything about the sale in the weekly ad. I didn't get to go prepared, which meant me and 3 tired kids wandering the isles.....which would be why we gave up and went straight to the cereal! I am all about building up the food storage! Plus, when can you ever get enough cereal?

Get in your car right now....or anytime before the 22nd, when the sale ends and go to! Make our heads spin with the reports of your savings! Don't stress the coupons if you don't have any right now. Even without the sale is a good one! Just be prepared to buy in even groups of 10! When you buy 10 items at the sale price, you get $5.00 back! Not too shabby eh?!

Oh I am just getting started! This has become a sort of challenge. A game, if you will! AND I am going to teach you! More details to come VERY VERY SOON!
For now, lets get to this drawing shall we?!

Leave a comment. If you want leave a money saving tip, bargain of the month, most you have ever saved on one trip to the store...whatever you want...just leave something! The drawing ends at NOON TOMORROW! That's all the time you have! Tomorrow at noon I will announce the winner and give more info on plans for a sharing of the info I have benefited from! I will teach you all that I know....and then I will learn some more so you will keep coming back! :)
Alright, get to it!

Thanks again PepsiCo, General Mills and MyBlogSpark for this SWEET giveaway!


Kat said...

I'm going to win something just watch.

MOM said...

I have to tell you about the deal I found last week. It was actually at Macey's and Lisa told me about it. I bought 10 boxes of Kellogg's cereals and fruit snacks and 10 boxes of Keebler products. I bought them for $1 each. In the process I used coupons to get 6 loaves of bread and 6 half gallons of milk for free. Now I'm just waiting for my $20 in rebate money to arrive. It's so nice to be paid to take groceries out of the store!

Love you Amy!

Tammra said...

I'm not sure if will select me if my name appears in black so I am sending this entry just in case. I must cover all of my bases when it comes to free groceries!!

jill said...

i always shop sales, but this whole couponing thing is something I haven't picked up yet...Keep the tips coming amy, I WILL become a couponer!!

Megan said...

Don't tease me with your fancy grocery store deals! Sometimes small town life is so frustrating!

Rideout Family said...

Okay, this is not my money saving tip but my father in laws...He doesn't look at the sale price of anything, just the full price then once he checks out, whatever they tell him he has saved he takes that money and puts it into savings. He has saved a lot of money just doing that.

Alea said...

I've heard about this cupon stuff... I don't know where to even start! I'm excited to learn how to spend $-1.00 at the grocery store. Winning a gift card wouldn't hurt either. :)

Have you ever been to the Wonder bread store in Twin? Also- I'm saving seeds from my flowers. I hate spending money for a packet with only 10 seeds! Although, I found most of my seeds this year at the dollar store (10 for a dollar! Yeah!) You just have to go as soon as they get them in if you want a good selection.

Ernie and Anita Thornton said...

Ok Amy - here you go.
When I go grocery shopping, I don't plan out menus beforehand. I shop the sales and then figure out what we are going to eat after that. Not always great if you want to try something new and maybe don't have all the ingredients -- but it also works for savings!

Love ya, Anita

Dawn said...

So Amy do I have to just post a comment to enter to win? I am feeling lucky today. Isn't grocery shopping so much more fun when you have lots of coupons and see that little total at check out get smaller and smaller and smaller. Luv it! See ya

Baldwincrew-blog said...

Amy I am just starting. All because of you. Your last post. I went to KCL and signed up for the paper and hope to have awesome saving stories to share with you. As for now no cool stories but as soon as they happen I will share. Thanks for all the info and maybe something will go right and I can win that gift card. Thanks again for all the good info you share with us on your blog. I love reading it.

Salisbury Family said...

Phew---your posts make me tired!!!! Where is all of this energy coming from?

My money saving story-got a 20% of gymboree coupon in the mail, planning on combing with 30% circle of friends coupon on August 28-30- plus the already discounted 20% what's 30% off of 20% off with an additional 20% off?

It must be good!

30$- 20%= 21$

hmmmm...that's not too bad.....not free? but better than full price!!!

Gear Gang said...

Come on Baby!!! Momma needs some new groceries.

Sheena said...

Hi Amy! My experience isn't really being smart with coupons more being persistant and a pain to the poor Albertson's employees. I went in one day when they had the buy $30 in participating items and get $15 in coupons. Well I had mapped it out (Spent almost all day doing that) I went to Albertson's and bought my stuff I was going to save $10 and get $15 in coupons, well the coupons never printed, so I went to the front and they said that some of my items weren't part of the sale. When I got home I called the corporate office to see what was on this sale and they had me call Catalina (Coupon Printer Place). They got my name address and Phone number and said they would look at it and let me know. The next day the Wed. ad came out and it had the exact same sale from Sunday paper. I went in and asked why I didn't get the coupons. After probably 20 minutes the nice lady just gave me a $20 gift card. Then as I was walking out she came up to me and gave me another $15 in the printout coupons. I was happy! But a week later I check my mail and Catalina sent me the $15 in coupons! I got $50 in coupons for being a pain. I was really happy. I usually don't complain but maybe I should...

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I need to learn of your ways. Does this work on fresh produce? Because that is generally the bulk of my cart. Because if so- I am totally there.

Devin & Shalise said...

Maybe one of these days I will win one of these prizes :) Love ya!