Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If You Were Here Today.....

I would tell you about how Mally went to school today. She had to bring her new Pooh Bear and left it sitting in the car seat waiting for their reunion when school was over.

I would have told you about how while Mally was gone I set up her dishes and new Easy Bake Oven in her newly finished Birthday hutch while I watched Dawson play in his wheelchair with his new toy.

I would have told you how I sat and listened to Dawson laugh so hard when he hit the monkey button and it made a monkey sound. I would have told you about how it made my heart happy to see him so happy.

I would have told you about giving Dawson a drink out of a regular cup and how much he loved it. He even got a few good swallows in.

I would have told you how for the first time in a year and a half Dawson ate real food! APPLESAUCE! And about how excited I was for him! And about how excited he was about it! He loved the taste!

I would have told you about how Mally peed through her clothes on the school bus, then had to pee again before we left and then peed all over the floor at LL GREENS! All in a matter of 20 min! I guess she got enough water today!

I would have told you about the bugish beetley thing on the side of L.L. GREENS that made the hardware boy shake out of nervousness! And how he put it in a bucket and we measured it...3 inches long 1.5 inches wide! It is worth noting! It totally freaked us out! I would have begged you to tell me it was just migrating and got lost and SURELY nothing like that is anywhere near our house. I would have believed you!
(Oh and by the way, the guy you helped move the other day...the one that works at LL Greens...he said he has tons of Cherries and Pears we can come pick anytime!)

I would have told you about Mally playing with her new hutch and dishes for 2 hours straight! The whole time she sang primary songs along with the CD. "I love to see the Temple" and "Mother, I love you" were favorites! She knows every single word to most of them now! She loves to sing "I'm so glad when Daddy Comes Home" to Dawson. He laughs at her!

I would tell you about how she sang "I couldn't be Happier" over and over and talked about Elphaba a lot today. And how my Mom is going to send up the dress she made me when I was little so Mal can dress up like Elphaba for Halloween and any other time she wants to! I would tell you about how much I LOVE that she asks for "the WICKED songs" everytime we get in the truck and sings along to most!

I would tell you that I thought about you a million and two times today and about how lucky I am that I still get giddy and butterflies after almost 12 years...cause I remind you of that daily! I would have reminded you of how happy you make me and how much I love ya!

I wish you WERE here today! Only 6 days left! 5 more until I get to talk to you again! Hope you are having a blast!

The Luckiest Wife in the World!


cancholas said...

i got a kick out of mally peeing her pants more than once! I seriously laughed a good one! thanks :)

Hardy Party said...

What a great post. I love to hear the details about your day. Poor Mal... it's not always fun to be litte.