Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Walk Through Sun Valley

The other day we all bundled up and headed to the Sun Valley Village. Our plan was to check out the snow sculptures. HOWEVER, there is less snow in Sun Valley than there is in Hailey....has that every happened?!

So we settled on a walk down Sun Valley Road...

The boys got a big kick out of this chair. It IS pretty impressive.

Not to be outdone by the pink flamingo carved out of wood! Tyler looks like he is taking a brief snooze. Apparently Flamingo's aren't nearly as exciting as the chair. Maybe this will help.....

THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (is your mouth watering Carrie? He is posing next to your favorite apple! Do you want me to mail you one?! Don't think I haven't thought about it!)
Mason was in HEAVEN! He kinda likes junk food! The boys all picked out one treat. Mase got the chocolate bunny sucker.

And there was NO WAY 35 degrees outside was going to deter Jake and Tyler from the ice cream! We LOVE this place!

Later we went to Rotarun, a little ski mountain in my friends neighborhood. It closed last week so the boys enjoyed the whole mountain to themselves. They hiked up and skied down until they were completely exhausted! FUN DAY!
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