Sunday, March 8, 2009


That is what my sweet sister in law, Jana, said to me one day on the phone. She spent almost every evening of the last 3 weeks at my in laws with me. Ok, I think it was more because she wanted to love on Dawson, but still....
We had discussed the sacredness that we felt about what was taking place with Dawson. I shared with her some of the experiences that we had. We both felt a need to have every part of us changed by this experience!

So for an update...we are now home. Got home late on Monday night. I have now spent the week burried in trying to resume normal life and catch up on all that was neglected over 3 weeks. Homework is nearly done, my office is getting put back together and my work....well, no where near done, but that is this weeks project.

Dawson is doing well. We have been so grateful for the chance to prepare like we have. We know that when he leaves us it will be extremely hard. We will miss him terribly. He is the center in all of our lives. It is his choice when that day comes. We know that the Lord is ready for him. So we spend countless hours tickling, fake sneezing (it makes him laugh uncontrollably), playing, talking, singing and cuddling him. He is enjoying it! :)

This experience IS changing us. Helping us refocus on our REAL mission in this life. There are down moments, but the Lord is close. He is quick to pick us back up.

So, for now, we just try to go back to our normal. Dawson will go back to school tomorrow. I think his teachers are excited to have him back. He loves them all. Mally will lose the diaper again and we will continue with potty training. She is ready, we have not been. :)
Jake is nearly caught up at school. He is smart and learns so fast. It also helps that he has one of the greatest teachers. She loves him so much and lets him know frequently. She is a good lady!

So, with all of the getting back to normal, I will be back to regular posting. I promise to lighten things up around here! :) No more making you cry...I hope! :)

Can I just say how much I love you all?! Really I couldn't do this without all of your love, support and prayers. All of the comments, Mindy & Jenn sneaking in to clean my house before I got home, all of the emails & phone all are amazing! Anything good you see in me comes from me following your examples! Really! You all make me want to be better! So thank you!

Now lets bring in something more light tomorrow, shall we?!
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Anonymous said...

Oh my heck! Look how cute his face is. I need pictures of you guys. Well, I love you and miss you tons but Zion's is coming in just a little over a month. We were just down there for the Contractor's trainings and it got me really excited. Make sure your kids bring bikes or scooters. Love, Jana (give D a kiss for me)

Amy Lindstrom said...

Thanks for the reminder Jana Banana. I would have hated to forget bikes. Jake would have never forgiven me! I seriously can't wait. I miss you too!

Love you!

Keeler Family said...


It is so nice to be connected in this manner. Your story is a true testimony builder for me and my wife. Seeing such a tough situation be treated as a learning experience from Heavenly Father is truly a lesson for all.

Sorry if I have bombarded you and your husband lately. It was sure good to talk with him the other day.

You all take care and keep us posted.


Natalie Weight said...

Hi Amy Dawson is so cute what a special boy you have. My prayers are with you and your family. I love you. Call me so we can talk. Natalie.

MyR said...

I just want to tell you how AMAZING you are! I don't know you all that well yet but I have already learned that you make it more fun and exciting wherever you are. Thank you for being that example of happiness that we all need a little more of.

Gear Gang said...

I love this little guy so much. I am so gratful the for each and every extra moment we have with him. I love you all.