Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Long Long Ago, In A Land Far Away"

Jake just had a big project at school. Every year the 3rd graders create a "Wax Museum". Each of the kids study and learn about a famous person. The kids get to choose who they want to learn about. We get biography's from the library and learn all we can.
Then they take all that information and pack it into an at least 1 minute schpeal to be presented in first person, in costume. Props heavily suggested.
Who did Jake choose? Why GEORGE LUCAS of course!
The parents lined up and waited for the museum to open. Each kid stood in place with a push button pinned to their shirt. When pushed the kids would then recite their report to the pusher. FUN! They would give the report over and over through out the day.
Let's push Jake's button....
(listen carefully for the "hook" in the beginning and the "great conclusion")

"George Lucas" posing with Jango Fett...or is that Bobo Fett?!

"Tony Hawk" in true Wax form waiting for the next person to push his button.

"Benjamin Franklin"

"Albert Einstein"

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Bonnie said...

That is a genious idea! I wish I could have been a wax figure as a kid. He did a great job!

Hardy Party said...


Oh my gosh, you have to tell Jake he was AWSOME! That is the coolest thing ever. We don't remember doing anything that cool in School.

Dad & Sondi

shari said...

No words come to me when reading your latest blog, but only that im sooo grateful for the knowledge we have as well and for the true blessings of the temple..just have to tell you i love you guys and look foward to seeing you soon!
Love ya
Shari Traughber