Monday, January 19, 2009

No Monday Menu Today....

One of my favorite restaurants EVER is right up there on that Mountain. It is called the Roundhouse. It is DIVINE! Prime Rib Mignonettes over fresh veggies a giant portabello mushroom smothered in "hunter" sauce. Mmmmm, I want to go back!

And you get to wash this all down with the adventure of just getting to said restaurant, lots of fresh air and BEAUTIFUL Sun Valley weather!

Getting there is part of the fun! Walk over the river....

Buy a foot pass for $15 at the Baldy Ski Lodge...

(Please ignore the spastic reaction of our camera! Seriously that thing is about to buy the farm...if ya know what I mean.)

And soon you are being swept up the canyon. That there is our beautiful valley. Magical all year round! We love it here! I can't believe we are just minutes from this place!

After 2 lifts up and one back down into the canyon you arrive here at heaven...I mean the Roundhouse! I get the two mixed up sometimes!

Only problem. Those stairs are KILLER at this altitude! There are a lot of them! I took this picture from over half way up them!

And what altitude is that, you might ask....YEP 9,010 feet above sea level (or Courtney as I sometimes refer to it! TAKE THAT WASHINGTON!)

And you wouldn't believe it. We stood here at the top of Baldy, at all that footage above Courtney Ann and we soaked in the amazing blue skies and the {FORTY NINE} degree weather IN JANUARY! WAH??!! I know! Crazy! It was 10 degrees at the base and 49 up top! I considered flip flops and short sleeves. That's darn near Summer! It was LOVELY!

Anytime any of you would like to come up and experience this for yourselves. PLEASE DO! I will find any opportunity to experience this place a time or two more before it closes for yet another year! SIGH!

Now, in all of the fun and enjoyment, which included a WHOLE day away, just me and my hubby, we had a blast on the mountain, had a very enlightening conversation (we are great at those) and a date with Paul Blart MALL COP. Which was enjoyed by all!

You might wonder why there are not any pictures of people, well other than the curious dude in the bibs by my elevation markings. I would have to say it is because we, for whatever reason couldn't avoid running into these....

YOWSA! That's pretty cheesy! However not to be out done by this...

"There's a horrible pain in my [hair]"

"Oh no....RUN it's the CLAW"

"Nothing can stop the CLAW"

(name that movie)

Next time...little less hairspray, cause it won't matter! It's not going to stay in place on a ski lift! It will only recreate my bad hair days from Jr. High and no one, I say NO ONE needs to be subjected to that!


Norris Fam said...

One day Dan and I will go there with you two...mark my words!

Kristin and Jay said...

HAHAHAHAH! That is me laughing out loud at your hair. That is so funny. And it looked SO cute that morning! I love the skiiers all staring at you. Do not many people do this or what?

Amy Lindstrom said...


Kristin- No. We are the only ones I have ever seen up there without skis, but there should be more. I think people think we are insane to not spend the $80 each and just go skiing while we are there.

Lombardo Family said...

You must be the FUNNEST person to be married to miss Amy!

Kate said...

Liar Liar.